Marc Jacobs Accidentally Posts Naked Selfie on Instagram

Laia Garcia

Never change, Marc! (We added the emoji for modesty, of course). Photo: @themarcjacobs/Instagram

Marc Jacobs has taken to Instagram in a peak MOM way. Just in February, Jacobs was discussing the horrors of social media with Suzy Menkes. “I am so appalled by the whole social media thing,” he said, “I don’t get it, it doesn’t appeal to me.” 

We’re not quite sure what changed since that fateful conversation, but just two months later, Jacobs signed up for an Instagram account, and, well, he immediately took to it. Selfies, RuPaul’s drag race contestants, even that My Idol trend that swept social media a few months ago. In fact, Jacobs was so charmed by it that he’s been revealing one campaign image after another on Instagram‚ from Cher to Winona

It was only time before the designer discovered the underbelly of the app – the part where you get to send pictures secretly to one or many recipients aka Direct Message – and last night, we got to see what it’s like when Marc Jacobs slides into your DM’s. You get a butt shot – with a bit of peen! – and a saucy caption like “it’s yours to try!” It’s playful and risqué, much like the designer himself. 

The image was swiftly deleted, no harm done! After all, ever since the designer emerged from rehab with his tattoo-covered, toned physique, he’s been happy to show it all off (well, except the penis part!). See what happens when you give into the “whole social media thing,” Marc? The world becomes a little brighter.

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