This Map Shows Peoples’ Favorite Thanksgiving Side by State

Kristin Salaky
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From Men's Health

The turkey is the most iconic part of Thanksgiving dinner, and not to take away its shine or anything, but it's definitely not the BEST part of the meal. Turkey is simply an outlet for my uncle to use his fancy new electric carver and a vessel for which I can eat a ton of delicious gravy. My friends, as we all know, it's actually all about the sides, and this year, a survey found that when it comes to our favorite ones, Americans are full of surprises.

Career site Zippia recently released a map of peoples' favorite Thanksgiving sides by state. They used Google trends to find the favorite of more than 20 traditional side dishes to see which ones won out. It's not a perfect system because every family serves something a little bit different but it's still fun to look at.

Photo credit: Zippia
Photo credit: Zippia

Not surprisingly, mashed potatoes were the top choice, coming in as the favorite for 10 different states. Is it really Thanksgiving without a little mash? Mac & cheese was next as the favorite of a whopping seven different states, and thinking about this dish already makes me hungry. Some other top contenders are green bean casserole, rolls, and stuffing. Turns out people love carbs! Not exactly surprising.

This map also highlighted some regional differences, like stuffing versus dressing and rolls versus biscuits. Some states also went on their own, like Maine being the only ones that like side salad the best, and Indiana touted deviled eggs. All I know is all of your Thanksgiving menus sound pretty delicious, and I would gladly fill my plate with absolutely everything on this map. You can see the whole breakdown on Zippia's site.

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