This Map Shows the Most Popular Holiday Movie in Every State

Kelly O'Sullivan
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Photo credit: Courtesy of Comparitech
Photo credit: Courtesy of Comparitech

From Cosmopolitan

There's so much to love about the holiday season! When else would it be acceptable to stick a 10-foot tree in the middle of your living room, listen to the same 20 songs on repeat, and eat roughly 30 cookies in one sitting? This really is the most wonderful time of the year!

While everyone celebrates the holiday season a little differently, there's one tradition that's universally cherished: Watching holiday movies. Nothing beats sitting on the couch in your coziest pajamas while enjoying a feel-good film. (And let's not forget about the delicious desserts!)

So, we can all agree that watching holiday movies is the best—but which is the best Christmas movie? Now that is an impossible question. Nevertheless, consumer site Comparitech set out to uncover the most popular holiday movie in every state.

Photo credit: Courtesy of Comparitech
Photo credit: Courtesy of Comparitech

The results, which are based on data from IMDB and Google Trends, might surprise you.

Home Alone took the win in Oklahoma and eight other states, while Elf reigned supreme in just one. Die Hard, which some folks believe isn't a Christmas movie at all, was the top pick in three different states. And for those who believe you can't beat the classics—the residents of Hawaii and Minnesota would like a word with you! They favored last year's new releases, Noelle and The Knight Before Christmas, above all the rest.

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