Man's Road Trip to Rescue Tripod Dog and Bring Her to Sanctuary Couldn't Be Sweeter

Dog rescuer Lee Asher is best known for running The Asher House, an Oregon-based animal sanctuary that gives rescue dogs the chance to live their very best lives. He also updates social media accounts with the most adorable daily videos of his rescued fur babies. As you can imagine, it's quite popular!

In his recent video, Lee takes an interstate road trip to pick up a rescued tripod dog named Roo. The poor girl was surrendered after sustaining a horrific injury, but her best days are yet to come.

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Roo seems like the sweetest girl! It's inspiring how she can be so trusting and adaptable after experiencing such trauma, but we're sure Lee and the pup's rescuers did everything they could to keep her feeling safe.

Our favorite moment of the video was when Roo scooted closer to her new best friend Matilda. The little pup was so excited to welcome her that she could barely keep still!

"It amazes me how well all the dogs you take just get on so well," said viewer @mellie6900. "You are amazing, Lee." You're not the only one who's amazed! Each and every one of The Asher House's videos leaves us in awe of these rescue animals and their ability to love so instantly.

We have no doubt that these dogs are so happy because of the top-tier care they're given. As Lee explains on The Asher House website, "we give each member of our animal family a safe haven and lots of love. But we also provide them with a healthy dose of adventure. Dogs need enrichment and activity in order to thrive, and it is so much fun for Lee to take them along for the ride." We can't argue with that!

An animal sanctuary like this sounds like a win-win for everyone involved, and their TikTok videos are full of joy!

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