So...When Will ‘Manifest’ Season 3 Finally Hit Netflix?

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Photo credit: NBC Universal
Photo credit: NBC Universal

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Manifest has slowly become everyone's favorite Netflix binge, and fans can't get enough of the series. Even with the possibility of season 4 still up in the air, those who didn't get the chance to watch season 3 live are still waiting for it to be added to the streamer. And with the wild season 2 finale, we definitely can't blame them as they patiently (or maybe not-so-patiently) check into the app every so often for an update. So do we have an official Netflix release date for Manifest season 3? And is there any other ways to catch up for now?

Here's everything you need to know about Manifest season 3 coming to Netflix.

When is Manifest season 3 coming to Netflix?

The first two seasons of Manifest first came to Netflix on June 10, 2021. In the past, Manifest seasons were typically added on Netflix shortly after airing on TV, so this timing was unusual. That said, fans in Canada are getting a special treat as the third season is officially coming to Canadian Netflix on August 27, 2021.

For those of us in the United States, there's gonna more of a wait. There is still no official U.S. Netflix release date for Manifest season 3 just yet, but hopefully we'll follow in Canada's footsteps and hear good news soon.

Photo credit: NBC Universal
Photo credit: NBC Universal

I can't wait any longer!! Is there any way for me to watch Manifest season 3 right now?

You might be in luck, depending on whether or not you subscribe to other streaming services. All of Manifest season 3 is already available on Hulu, so go ahead and click play if you already have an account (or, you know, borrow someone else's).

Also, if you have an old-fashioned cable login, you can also watch Manifest season 3 on the official NBC website or the NBC app. There will be ads, so if that's not your jam you're better off paying for an ad-free option.

For hardcore NBC lovers who are already subscribed to Peacock, you're in luck too! The show's third season is available on the Peacock website and app, so you can tune in there right now.

Is Manifest season 4 happening?

TBD! Right now, it sounds like NBC and Netflix are trying to reach a deal to bring the series back for a mystery-filled fourth season, but nothing is official. At least still we have season 3 to look out for!

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