Mango Has the Most Luxe-Looking Coats and Jackets—And They're All Under $200

 Split image of mango double sided jacket, lapels wool coat, short anorak .
Split image of mango double sided jacket, lapels wool coat, short anorak .

Although it's not technically winter until December 21, I'm currently watching snow fall outside my window so it's safe to say the season is here. With that being said, winter fashion is an especially tricky thing to nail down. There's the problem of looking like the Michelin Man when you're bundled up in layers, sweaters, and a thick coat. The fashion problem of the season I can't stand the most, however, is ruining a good outfit by not having a proper winter coat or jacket. There's nothing I hate more than meticulously putting together a chic outfit only to not have a coat that gives off the same energy, which is why I make it a point to collect several types of coats. An extensive outerwear doesn't have to be as much of an investment as you might think, though, thanks to Mango.

In case you haven't noticed, Mango's outerwear collection is seriously good. In fact, they're the brand I rely on most whenever I'm in need of a new topper in my collection. Whether you're looking for an of-the-moment bomber jacket, a cool new leather option, or even an extra warm puffer coat, I can practically guarantee Mango is going to have it. What's even better is that a ton of their coats and jackets are affordable, as in $200 and under. If it sounds too good to be true, I assure you it's not. To prove it to you, I've rounded up 17 of the best pieces Mango's outerwear collection has to offer and every single one of them comes in at $200 or under. With these picks, your outfit will never be ruined by a poorly-matched coat or jacket again.

Double-Sided Coat with Buttons

Cozy textures like suede and shearling are not only on trend for winter but also look crazy luxurious. Throw this cute number over a casual outfit to immediately elevate your look. I especially love how it pairs with a white turtleneck underneath.

Leather-Effect Trench Coat

We all know and love the classic trench coat, but I suggest adding a leather version to your mix. It's undeniably chic with just a bit of added edge and is just as easy to style as your beige one. If you're in need of fall outfit inspo, celebrity stylist Aisha Rae previously told MC her favorite combo was a leather trench, white ribbed tank, and baggy denim.

Oversized Waterproof Padded Anorak

If there's one group of women I trust for luxurious dressing, it's the women of the Upper East Side and I've been seeing quilted jackets like this all over the area. It's not hard to see why, either. It's warm, easy to layer with, and even waterproof. I wouldn't wait to add this one to your cart—there's only limited inventory left!

Faux Shearling-Lined Jacket

Sure, your classic motorcycle jacket may be your go-to every other season, but for winter you'll be glad to have a shearling-lined version. It's so much warmer and just as chic, I promise. I can already imagine wearing this over all of my going-out outfits this season.

Wool Overcoat

If you want to look like a million bucks in an instant, opt for a camel wool coat like this rather than your puffer. Fashion girls and celebrities alike love the silhouette because it's elevates anything you have on underneath. The camel shade adds even more richness, too.

Short Double-Sided Jacket

I may or may not have already hit "purchase" on this jacket. I've been looking for a brown winter jacket that's easy to wear and this is definitely it. As made clear by the model, this jacket looks rich as hell with dark wash jeans, but I'm also planning on wearing it with maxi skirts and knee-hight boots.

Oversized Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets have made their way back in among the fashion crowd and I'm here for it. This soft effect jackets looks especially luxurious in this creamy white shade, making it the perfect topper for a winter whites look. It does come a bit oversized, though, so size down if you want a more true-to-size fit.

Tweed Bomber Jacket

I'm going to blame it on Chanel, but tweed is another one of those fabrics that can make anything look more luxurious. This cropped bomber jacket could easily have a price tag three times as much and I wouldn't blink an eye, not to mention it looks effortlessly cool.

Oversize Wool Coat

I've said it before and I'll say it again: wool coats are peak winter luxury! There's really no other coat style that fits in with the quiet luxury vibe. This coat in particular is a real winner this season thanks to its oversized fit, meaning you can layer up on sweaters and scarves without a problem.

Double-Button Trench Coat

When the weather suddenly is freakishly warm (trust me, there's always a day or two), a classic trench coat like this is going to be your best option. It's lightweight, easy to layer with, and will keep you dry. If you don't have a trusted trench yet, now's the time to invest in one before the spring storms hit.

Short Quilted Anorak

On teeth-chattering cold days, there's really no better option than puffers when it comes to outerwear. This one will keep you warm and dry thanks to its thick padding, inner lining, and water-resistant finish. It's even got a removable hood so you can switch up the styles.

Vintage Effect Shearling Jacket

Here's yet another shearling jacket I have my eye on. This has a faded, vintage-like brown wash that's been so popular lately. A real faded leather version would cost you nearly three times as much if not more, so this jacket is the next best thing for us on a budget.

Lapels Wool Coat

This structured wool coat nails power dressing to a T. I can practically guarantee this coat, with its strong shoulders and lapels, will make you feel like a certified boss every time you wear it. Whether you opt for this mixed grey shade or the olive khaki, this coat will be a confidence booster for sure.

Wool Double-Breasted Coat

When I came across this wool coat during my scrolling, I gasped. The sage green shade is simply gorgeous. I love the idea of throwing it on over an all-black outfit for a look that's downright luxurious. If the green shade doesn't suit your fancy, there's also more neutral colors like black and cream.

Jacket with Zip Pockets

On those days when you have no idea what to wear, a cool jacket like this can really save the day. Simply throw it over a white T-shirt and your favorite jeans or trousers and you've got a chic outfit with minimal effort. This jacket will also be great to keep on hand come spring when all you need is a light layer.

Faux Shearling-Lined Jacket

Can you tell I'm obsessed with shearling jackets for winter? For anyone who hates ruining a good outfit with outerwear (a.k.a. me), this jacket solves that issue by being both warm and cute. This one gets extra styling points in my book for its black and brown combo, something I haven't seen all too often.

Oversized Bomber Jacket

As I said before, bomber jackets have made a major comeback, especially among Gen Z. If you're wanting to steal the look, this oversized option is an easy way to do so. Pair it with baggy jeans, a graphic tee, and cool sneakers (I suggest Adidas Sambas), and you've got the Gen Z look in the bag.