What is the ‘Mango Helicopter’ trend on TikTok?

Sometimes things go viral, and nobody knows why; it just becomes something we do on the Internet. That’s exactly what this mango helicopter meme is.

TikTokers are leaning into this new meme format, in which they drop out of a helicopter in a closed fruit and then pop out of the tropical fruit once it hits the ground. This trend is much easier to understand visually.

The goal of the meme is to prove the statement in the caption wrong with the most random and outlandish thing they can think of — which, in this case, is dropping out of a helicopter in a fruit.

Users are participating in this trend, trying to get their takes off and prove the doubters wrong.

“Orange > apple but it’s gotta be no pulp,” said @amirobendorfer in the comments.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this meme is the gap between the name of the meme and what is actually taking place.

Most people call it the “mango helicopter meme,” but TikTokers are actually dropping out of a papaya. This has become part of the meme’s charm — especially as commenters react.

“Sir thats a papaya,” said @itzshaliaa in the comments.

GOOD THING ITS A PEAR,” replied @sl4shi3.

A lot is going on in this meme, and not many people seem to know what’s happening.

Even the music in the meme is random. There isn’t a standard sound used with this template. In the three examples above, there is an unreleased Lil Uzi Vert song, a cartoonish slide whistle and a Soundcloud song by Thraxx.

Because of its random nature, this meme is versatile enough to use for several different purposes.

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