This Man Is Going Viral For Having An "Emotional Support Alligator," And The Pictures Are Truly Something Wild

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We've all seen emotional support dogs.

a person high-fiving a dog
Medianews Group / MediaNews Group via Getty Images

There are emotional support birds.

a colorful bird on someone's hand
Barbara Alper / Getty Images

And I'm pretty sure there are emotional support mini horses too.

people petting a mini horse
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But emotional support gators?! What?!

a man at a laptop
Ute Grabowsky / Photothek via Getty Images

So, the other day I came across this video of a man casually lounging with his emotional support alligator. Yes, "emotional support alligator."

The alligator's name is Wally, and his owner says his cuddles have helped with his depression.

the man petting the gator
Inside Edition

"I don't know what I would have done without him," his owner, Joe, tearfully says.

the man petting the alligator
Inside Edition

"He's not your typical alligator. He's more affectionate. He just comes up and lays and cuddles."

the alligator laying on the owner
Inside Edition

The clip is actually from a 2019 episode of Inside Edition.

In the clip, they take Wally around to a daycare and the dollar store.

a woman holding Wally and walking through a store
Inside Edition

They show him watching TV.

Wally sitting on a couch with his owner
Inside Edition

And they prove he's even a registered emotional support pet, apparently federally licensed.

a person looking at the owner's license
Inside Edition

This video had me totally intrigued, but I was curious: What is Wally up to today?

a man at a laptop
Ute Grabowsky / Photothek via Getty Images

Luckily, like most people, Wally has a TikTok presence.

This video of Wally swimming has over 5 million views!

There's also an Instagram.

There were plenty of pics of Wally chilling around.

There are pics of him meeting people around town.

Pictures of him lounging around the house.

On Christmas.

And even driving the car.

Unfortunately, Wally's owner is battling cancer, so we'll send all our love and light to them.