30-year-old man served as 'flower girl' in his friends' wedding. He says the role 'matched his energy.'

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On Sunday, a beautiful wedding was held in Montego Bay, Jamaica. And as the bridesmaids and groomsmen stood near the altar with the beaming groom, all eyes were on the graceful and unforgettable sight: the flower girl. Or flower boy? Actually — flower jawn.

Denzyl Amankwah, 30, of Jersey City, N.J., walked down the aisle tossing flowers at his friends' wedding. A video of the moment, which has captured the hearts of the internet, shows Amankwah tossing his flower basket after making it to the wedding party and then running eagerly towards the groom, whom Amankwah's known for ten years, and wrapping him in a hug. The song "If You Love Me" by Brownstone is playing in the background.

"Told ya’ll I was accepting only one role from now on.....#FlowerJawn. Congrats to @dr.dammmiii & @kashnflights. Thank you for allowing me to live out my dream," he captioned the video on Instagram.

As of Thursday, Amankwah's video has gotten over 70,000 views and has been widely shared on social media. Countless people took to the comments to share the joy his performance brought them.

"This the best thing I’ve ever seen," one person said.

"I can’t stop crying," a user continued.

"You invited to my wedding and the cookout," someone else added.

Amankwah, a pharmaceutical ad agency account director and food blogger, tells Yahoo Life that he was inspired to take on the Flower Jawn role after seeing videos on TikTok of "flower men." During the rehearsal dinner, he made a bold proposal to the bride and groom, Cashwayne and Damilola Brown.

"I just felt that it matched my energy," he adds. "I've been in so many weddings and I told them, 'I need to retire as a groomsman and the only role that I'll be accepting from now on is the flower guy.' And it was kind of just a joke at first with the bride and the groom because there was an off number of groomsmen and the bridesmaids, I was just jokingly saying, 'Well, because there's more groomsmen than I could definitely take the role of the flower guy if needed, I just needed to be called upon.'"

The bride took Amankwah up on his offer and during the run-through, he practiced those graceful, yet humorous moves that would take social media by storm. He says the couple expected nothing less.

"I always dance and am hopping around and all that. So they weren't surprised at it fully, but then were definitely happy with it, which I was happy with as well," he says.

Family members also enjoyed the video and Amankwah has even gotten an offer from his uncle for an encore performance. This is not the first time he's gone viral for his show-stopping moves. In 2019, the Browns had a traditional ceremony in Nigeria, the bride's native country, where the groomsmen, Amankwah included, performed the popular "Toast Dance" by Koffee, a nod to the groom's Jamaican heritage.

But at the end of the day, he hopes that no matter how people feel about the "flower man" trend, he was happy to have been a part of an important moment for the people he cares about.

"It's just always great vibes around my friends [and] it's the positivity that we bring to each other's lives," he says. "It's the way that we bring each other up. It's all love in our friend group and I'm just so appreciative to have them and to have friends that would trust me to even do something like that. I'm very thankful for everything [and] them being in my life."

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