Man takes couch and flatscreen TV paragliding with him

Emerald Pellot

This may look like fun, but do not try this at home! 

Hasan Kaval is a professional paragliding pilot in Turkey. Apparently, he’s also a bit of a daredevil. The paraglider posted a video of a project he called “flying couch potato” on Instagram and YouTube and let’s just say, we’re very happy this project was a success. 

“I realized the project, which I thought of two years ago, today,” Kaval said on Instagram

Kaval mounted a flat-screen television to a sofa and then attached his paragliding gear to the whole setup. A group of helpers pushed him off the edge of a terrace and Haval took flight, couch and all. It’s unclear what protective gear he was wearing, if any.

Kaval merely donned a T-shirt, sweatpants and, once he was in the air, he swapped his sneakers for comfy slippers. It’s very clear Kaval felt at home in the air as he put his feet up on a small footrest and watched “Tom and Jerry” cartoons. The guy even helped himself to a can of soda and some chips. 

When Kaval landed, the camera trembled just a bit but the couch hit the ground surprisingly smoothly. The heart-stopping clip got 992,000 views on YouTube

“Taking Netflix and chill to a whole new level,” one user said.

“I’ve literally had dreams as a kid and teenager about traveling the world on a flying coach! Wow,” another said

“Imagine walking around peacefully and seeing a guy on a flying couch pass by,” one person joked

It looks like the paraglider plans to continue taking unconventional flights. After all, Kaval’s follow-up video has him being interviewed by a reporter over coffee — in midair. 

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