Man storms out of birthday party after ‘insensitive’ prank gone wrong: ‘It’s far from harm

A man is hurt after his girlfriend's sister's prank struck the wrong chord. He explained the horrible stunt on Reddit's "Am I the A******" forum. His girlfriend was traveling for work on his birthday, which also happened to be Father's Day. She sent his birthday present to her parent's place, where he would celebrate the holiday. But her 24-year-old sister swapped the present with a gag gift that would later tear the family apart. "In it was a positive pregnancy test. I was so so happy, crying even. I’ve always wanted kids," he said. "Unfortunately, my ex (before I met my current girlfriend) and I had our daughter prematurely, and she didn’t make it" . "So finding out I was gonna be a dad again was very emotional for me," he continued. "When her sister revealed it was a prank, ohhh, I was pissed off, hurt and embarrassed". His girlfriend sided with him, but the rest of her family thought he was too hard on the sister. Reddit users thought the sister's prank was disastrous. "If anything, you underreacted. It's far from harmless," one person said