Man sparks outrage with 'childish' response to his girlfriend's purchase

A boyfriend is upset that his girlfriend bought a necklace for herself after he promised to buy it for her. The guy took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to see if his feelings were justified. He explained that his girlfriend comes from a wealthy family, while he does not. About a month ago, the girlfriend saw a necklace she liked, and started reaching for her purse. The boyfriend had just gotten a raise, so he offered to buy it for her. But when they inquired about the price, the boyfriend was appalled by the 4-figure dollar amount. Still, he saved up for a month to buy it for her. When he tried to surprise her with it, she replied, ‘Oh, thanks babe but I already bought [the necklace]’. “I just tossed the stupid thing in the garbage and left,” the man said. Reddit didn’t agree with how the boyfriend handled things. Your surprise backfired. It happens. You completely overreacted and threw a childish temper tantrum,” one person said