Man’s roommate leaves passive-aggressive notes about his cleaning: ‘This is a little extreme’

William Keiser (@williamkeiser) revealed the passive-aggressive sticky notes his roommate left for him in the kitchen after he cooked dinner, and TikTokers had thoughts.

Keiser is a TikToker, screenwriter and former ballet dancer who had an unpleasant run-in with his roommate and shared his story about it on TikTok. In the viral video, Keiser shows his followers the passive-aggressive notes his roommate left for him after he “failed” to clean the kitchen after dinner.

“So I just started living with this woman in L.A. and she’s a friend of a friend of my mom,” Keiser says as the video begins. “It’s going OK, but she’s a little fastidious about the kitchen.”

Keiser continues to talk as he walks toward the kitchen, explaining how he woke up to find something truly unexpected: a wide array of sticky notes in the kitchen, detailing all of the things he failed to clean.

Keiser enters the kitchen and begins giving a tour of all the notes his roommate left.

“So I cooked last night,” Keiser explains, zooming in on a pan that has a note with an arrow pointing to a small stain. “I used a cast iron skillet as you can see.”

Then Keiser shows several more notes with arrows drawn on them in permanent marker. Each of the arrows points to a small stain or smudge on the kitchen counter or stove.

“I didn’t have time to clean every tiny speck,” he says.

Then Keiser zooms in on a sticky note on the floor. “Floor unswept,” he reads out loud. “Oh no!”

Then he shows even more arrows pointing to smudges and debris.

“Mind you, I have been cleaning,” he explains as he reveals a seemingly unending array of sticky notes.

On the drying rack, several dishes have notes attached to them that read “still dirty” or have arrows pointing to food stains. “Did she take a microscope?” he asks, zooming in on even more notes on the sink and trash can.

“I said it was OK if she made notes,” Keiser says as the video ends. “But this is a little extreme.”

TikTokers were divided

The video had TikTokers divided, with some siding with Keiser and others with his cleanliness-loving roommate.

“People who expect that level of cleanliness should not have roommates,” one viewer wrote.

“I agree with her,” commented another TikToker.

“I used to be you and now I’m her. Why?” another viewer joked.

In a comment on the video, Keiser revealed that he was no longer living with his roommate. Hopefully, they’ll both find new roommates who they are more compatible with!

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