Man Rescues a Stray Kitten While in the 'McDonald's' Drive-Thru Line and We Applaud Him

He knew he had to save this sweet baby.

We've all left our house to run an errand and came home with something we never intended on picking up in the first place. Perhaps you buy a few extra things that you don't need at Target, or maybe you pick up something free on the side of the road. One man had a similar experience, except in this case, he unexpectedly brought home a kitten!

TikTok user @leeincruces recently shared a video about his latest experience ordering food at McDonalds. In the video, this user reveals that after he got his food, he also ended up with a kitten, which he has named Ms. Mac! Check out the video to see the kitten and hear how this rescue happened.

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OMG, this is amazing! We love how he saved this adorable kitten without a hesitation, and they are clearly fond of each other already. This looks like a match made in heaven!

People in the comments are thankful this kind man rescued the kitten. @lrod04569 said, "You’re the coolest! You got the special prize! Thank you for saving this baby! Adorable!" Another user, @ljg1960, commented, "Thank you for saving that baby!" We are so grateful for the selfless people that rescue animals in need!

Others joked about how he got the kitten. @candyandhercats commented, "Oh, that’s taking the happy meal toy to a new level," and @meghanbreustedtlarsen said, "Can you tell me which McDonald’s please. I want the new kitten too." We wish we could pull up to any McDonald's and come home with a kitten!

The kitten's rescuer shared a second video of this sweet baby to say he would be taking her to the veterinarian to check on her health. See this second video of Ms. Mac below!

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This kitty looks like she is thrilled to have been rescued, and is clearly loving her new dad. We can't wait to hear how Ms. Mac did at the vet, and we will be checking his TikTok for more updates!

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