Man refuses to eat with co-worker over ’embarrassing’ behavior: ‘She is a grown woman having a tantrum’

A man no longer wants to dine with his co-worker because she is “obtuse” to waiters.

He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. He and another employee named Sam are working on a travel project together. For this reason, they end up eating together frequently. But every time they go out, Sam is a rude and demanding customer.

“Whenever we go out to eat she turns into a mega-Karen and can be really obtuse towards waiters/staff,” the Reddit poster wrote. “She always sends stuff back for no reason, or for the dumbest reasons; is always demanding a discount at the end because she had to send stuff back or demanding additonal items.”

When servers decline, she demands to speak to their manager in a curt manner.

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“I always just stare at my plate because I’m kinda [embarrassed]. And no joke, this happens at every meal when we go out to eat. I told her I wouldn’t be joining her for dinner anymore and she asked why,” the Reddit poster said.

“I avoided it but she wanted an answer and I told her that her behavior was [embarrassing]. She got really mad and our work relationship is now strained.”

Redditors agreed with the poster on this issue.

“You are not obligated to go out with anyone, and it seems that you have some very good reason to not go out with her,” a user wrote.

“She is a grown woman having a tantrum,” another added.

“She wanted an answer and you told her the truth,” someone commented.

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