Man makes troubling discovery after exploring his girlfriend’s Instagram account

A boyfriend is in a bit of a bind after discovering his girlfriend (GF) was taking credit for his art. The 23-year-old shared his dilemma on Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forum. “Knitting is my main thing ... Naturally, I have several things I’ve made around my flat”. “I ran into one of [my GF's] friends while doing some errands … I had on a hat I had knitted myself and she complimented it and asked if [my] GF had made it for me”. I was a little taken aback at the question because my GF definitely does not know how to knit. The friend revealed to him that the girlfriend had a secret account where she posted the knitted items as hers. “She had pictures of pretty much every handmade thing in my flat, posted with captions claiming that she had made them herself”. He confronted his girlfriend about the situation but she just cried. Reddit believed the girlfriend’s behavior was a clear red flag. “She is fake and manipulative and doesn’t seem like a good person,” one user wrote