Man ‘loses it’ over fiancée’s secret financial decision: ‘She had no right’

A man is furious at his current fiancée for selling his late fiancée’s engagement ring following her passing in 2016. He consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to see if his feelings were justified. “I lost my late fiancée to a severe infection (sepsis) in 2016. I proposed to her when she was sick and we were planning on getting married four months after [the] proposal,” he wrote. “But she passed away and it was unexpected because her health was getting better. The pain was unbearable there was literally no place to just hide and forget about what happened,” he continued. He and his current fiancée have been together for 16 months now. “My fiancée noticed the rings and said that I was weird for still keeping engagement rings. I don’t know why she’d think that it’s not like I wear my past engagement ring on my finger or anything,” he said. “I [have] been struggling with money lately and she brought up selling those rings a couple of times but I just told her I’d work something out,” he wrote. Then his late fiancée’s rings went missing and his new fiancee revealed she sold them on Facebook. “I lost it… I told her that she would never understand how much she hurt me and disrespected me by doing this,” he concluded. Reddit felt the new fiancée was exhibiting quite a few red flags. “This would be a deal-breaker for me,” one user commented