Man horrifies TikTok after making ‘creepy’ discovery in new neighborhood: ‘I don’t think this is normal’

A TikTok user is going viral after allegedly finding “hidden speakers” in his neighborhood — and viewers are very, very creeped out.

The bizarre discovery comes courtesy of a TikToker named Casey (@cursedhome), who posted the video in late March. In the clip, Casey shared a “creepy” realization after moving into a new neighborhood.

“I don’t think this is normal,” he said in his video.

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In the video, Casey claims he began hearing bird sounds that seemed to be “on repeat.” That’s when he started looking around the neighborhood.

“We found hidden speakers everywhere,” he captioned the clip.

TikTok users seem to have a particular passion for strange or scary discoveries — whether it’s a shadowy figure in the background of a video, a “ghost town” full of McMansions or a “secret” pool hiding in a home for sale. Casey’s video was no different. TikTokers immediately poured into the comments section with their terrified reactions.

“I guess we are in a simulation,” one user wrote.

“Move immediately,” another added.

Several commenters compared the alleged discovery to the movie Truman Show, starring Jim Carey. In that film, Carey’s character slowly discovers that his town is actually an elaborate TV set.

Others, however, were dubious of Casey’s “discovery.” Many accused him of faking the video.

“Yeah you totally didn’t put those there,” one user wrote.

“You’re telling my someone walks around and replaces the batteries? Come on,” another added.

True or not, Casey’s video managed to draw plenty of attention. The clip has now drawn more than 1.2 million views.

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