Man gets blasted online for playing 'cruel' prank on girlfriend

A TikTok user is getting called out online for exploiting one of his girlfriend’s biggest fears, all for the sake of viral content. TikToker John Schoepf uploaded a video of what he believed to be a harmless prank on his girlfriend, Taylor. While in Cancun, Mexico, with some friends, Schoepf decided to push his girlfriend — who is “terrified of sharks” — into a “shark tank” . which, as you can imagine, does not go well. In the video, one of Taylor’s friends points the shark out to her — but before she has time to process what’s in the water or what’s happening, Schoepf pushes her in. Taylor is immediately helped out of the water, and once she’s safely back on the dock, she starts hysterically crying while Schoepf laughs. Schoepf’s video has not been received well by TikTok users, who found his prank unnecessarily “cruel”. “You deserve to be in a relationship with someone who PROTECTS you from your biggest fears not THROWS you in front of them,” one user said