Man gets banned from Royal Caribbean Cruises after jumping off ship for viral fame

A man jumped from the 11th floor of a cruise ship, and survived. (Photo: Instagram)
A man jumped from the 11th floor of a cruise ship, and survived. (Photo: Instagram)

A group of men aboard a Royal Caribbean Cruise ship got banned from the cruise line for life, after one of them jumped from the 11th floor of the ship while it was docked in the Bahamas.

Nick Naydev, 27, of Vancouver, Wash., took to his Instagram on Friday to post a video of himself jumping off of his room’s balcony from the Symphony of the Seas ship into the ocean. The video, which was recorded by his friend Konstantin Kryachun, captures the men standing on the balcony and laughing as Naydev gets ready to take the leap. In midair, Naydev begins to flail his limbs before he ultimately hits the water.

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Naydev didn’t immediately respond to Yahoo Lifestyle’s request for comment. However, he began to answer people’s questions about the jump within his Instagram post’s comment section, saying that he must have been about 110 to 120 feet above the water.

“My feet were actually fine. It was my neck and tailbone that hurt,” he wrote. “Could barely walk for 3 days and could barely sleep from the pain. I’m good now.”

Although Naydev’s post doesn’t capture anything that happened after the fall, a comment clarifies that he was picked up by a small boat and brought onto the ship by cops to gather his things and leave. In the meantime, Kryachun took to his own Instagram to document the interrogation he and his other three friends faced before the ship’s authorities kicked them off the boat as well.

In the videos, Kryachun expresses his disappointment with the cruise line. He tells Yahoo Lifestyle that he and his friends didn’t even consider the consequences prior to the jump, they just captured it in a bid for viral fame.

“He’s jumped from those kind of heights before, and we didn’t really care about the consequences with the cruise company,” he explains. “We just wanted to get a video of it and make it go viral.”

Now, the men might have a viral hit on their hands, and some people are calling Naydev a legend. However, there are plenty of others expressing the implications of the situation and explaining just how dangerous his exploit was.

“Dumbest thing I’ve ever seen,” someone commented, while another asked, “Did you understand before you jumped that you could easily die doing that?”

“Just so you know, if you were dead, the same people calling you legend would be laughing at you and calling you stupid,” an additional comment read. “You did something stupid and are lucky to be alive to laugh at it, you’re not a legend.”

Representatives from Royal Caribbean Cruises have also called the incident “stupid.”

“This was stupid and reckless behavior, and he and his companions have been banned from ever sailing with us again,” a spokesperson tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “We are exploring legal action.”

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