Man Gets 75% More Tinder Matches After Hair Transplant

We all know first impressions matter, but this man’s story takes it to another level completely. Richard King, 31, noticed he was getting much more attention from women after undergoing a hair transplant. He hand his hair surgeon, Dr. Bessam Farjo, decided to set up two Tinder profiles for Richard – one featuring his new head of hair and the other with his pre-surgery mane. The two were surprised to find that Richard’s new locks increased his Tinder matches by 75 percent, receiving 203 matches compared to the 116 he got on his pre-transplant photos.


Richard King’s pre-surgery Tinder photo. (Photo: Richard King via Mirror/Cascade)


Richard King’s post-surgery Tinder photo. (Photo: Richard King via Mirror/Cascade)

King’s personal study isn’t the first of its kind. A 2009 study conducted by hair loss treatment specialists at Maximum hair garnered even more extreme results. Two profiles were posted to a dating app using identical photos, except one was doctored to show thinning hair. The profile featuring a full head of hair received 108 responses, compared to only 22 on the doctored photo. We sense a theme here.

But don’t worry, a hair transplant isn’t the only solution. “The shaved look is more attractive than the visibly balding look,” Alfred Mannes, lead researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, told Time. His study of 60 people found that completely bald men are seen as more masculine, strong, dominant, and even taller than men with full heads of hair and balding men. “I’m not recommending that men with thick full heads of hair shave their heads, because even if they gain in terms of dominance, they lose in terms of attractiveness,” Mannes said. “But if you’re balding, you might want to just finish what mother nature started and take it all off. You might be surprised by the positive effects.” Amen.