Man is flying cross-country to stranger's bachelor party after accidentally getting invited

A typo in an email address resulted in a new friendship. (Photo: FOX 10)
A typo in an email address resulted in a new friendship. (Photo: FOX 10)

While it may sound like the plot to a new The Hangover sequel, an Arizona man will be attending a stranger’s bachelor party in Vermont thanks to a small typo in an email.

Will Novak, who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, was surprised to receive an email invitation on Jan. 7 for a bachelor ski weekend for a man named Angelo. The only thing was, Novak had never heard of Angelo before. The invitation was meant for a different Will Novak, who lives in Brooklyn, New York.

“The subject line said, ‘Urgent. Reply right away. Angelo’s bachelor party. Need information. Respond right away,'” Novak told Phoenix news station KSAZ. “And I said, ‘Who the heck is Angelo?'”

Upon opening the email, Novak saw an invitation to a bachelor weekend, where the group hoped to dress in ’80s garb and hit the slopes. “Bring your 80’s attire, ridiculous awesome get ups, etc. for skiing, ask yourself. ‘What would Angelo wear?’…. wear that!” the email read.

Novak responded about five minutes later after seeing he was listed as someone who failed to respond promptly to the email thread.

“Guys, this is the Will Novak in Phoenix, Arizona. I am from the desert. I don’t know how to ski. Vermont seems like a very far away for me to travel for the bachelor party of a guy I’ve never met,” he told KSAZ. “All that being said, I’m there, I’m there for Angelo.”

The group of men responded in kind saying, “We don’t know if you’re serious, but we’re serious. You better show up.”

So Novak set up a GoFundMe on Friday to help cover the costs of his Vermont ski trip, which he estimated would cost $750. He needed help paying for the flight, car rental and a wedding gift for the groom.

According to the fundraising page, the group of men who organized the bachelor party told Novak they would pick him up from the airport, provide an outfit that fits and to pool their money to help cover the costs. They added, “We look forward to meeting you and helping us send Angelo off. If you think we are kidding we are not. You better be coming, as we all are all dying to meet you.”

Novak, who has a 9-month-old daughter, got the OK from his wife to attend, and thankfully supporters on GoFundMe chipped in to make this party happen.

During this process, Novak also learned that Angelo and his bride-to-be are expecting. In an update on the GoFundMe page, Novak shared, “It’s a bachelor party and a baby shower! All funds raised beyond the $750 I need for the trip will go to Angelo for [his] baby college/food/toys/whatever the baby needs fund!”

As of Wednesday afternoon, Novak raised over $3,000.

But this won’t be the last you hear of this story.

Novak plans to document the entire trip, which will take place Jan. 18 through Jan. 20, on social media, including his Twitter and Instagram. “I’ll be doing Instagram stories and live videos the whole time,” Novak promises.

“At this point, if I don’t get invited to be his child’s godfather, I’ll be livid,” Novak told The Washington Post.

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