Man enrages family with ‘unfortunate’ vacation plan timing

A man doesn’t want to attend his sister’s second wedding. He shared his reasoning on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. His sister got married over Zoom during the pandemic in 2020. Recently, she announced she would be having an in-person wedding. The issue is the new wedding date conflicts with a prior engagement he made with friends. When he told his sister he wouldn’t attend, the whole family became upset. “We’ve booked flights and accommodations with a group of six, which was our complete main friend group in college,” he explained. “We might be able to get the flights exchanged but the accommodations, we’d only be able to get an 80 percent refund total”. Reddit users thought the poster’s refusal to attend was justified. “If it was important to her for him to be there, she should have checked the dates with him first,” a user stated