Man dumbfounded by fiancée’s ‘cruel’ wedding ring prank

A man is perplexed by his fiancée’s engagement ring prank. He shared his dilemma on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. He and his fiancée chose a £3,000 ring with a diamond on the smaller side. They both seemed happy with the choice. But when they were going to debut the engagement ring to her family, she had a prank in mind. Instead of showing them the real ring, she wanted to present them with a giant fake diamond instead. The Reddit poster absolutely opposes the idea. “If she shows them some enormous gem saying it’s a diamond and then going, ‘Hah psyche, this tiny thing is the real ring!’”... . “It’ll just look ridiculous and cheap and stingy in comparison,” he explained. Reddit users were not on the fiancée’s side for this one. “That’s just… cruel! Like pure cruelness on her side!” another person wrote