Man divides internet with photo of how he leaves his hotel room

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A Scottish influencer's hotel etiquette has the internet divided. Darren Dowling, aka Dazza, is famous on Facebook for reviewing fish and chips at local restaurants. When Dowling shared a photo of how he left his hotel room just before checkout, people had some strong reactions. He stripped his mattress of all of its sheets and bedding and folded them into piles with the pillows. He then left them at the edge of the bed for the cleaner to collect more easily. "I always try and leave a hotel room like this. Is this the right or wrong thing to do?" Dowling said in the caption. Many people thought Dowling went overboard, suggesting the cleaners are there for a reason. "They literally pay people to do that," one person said. An anonymous Holiday Inn housekeeper encouraged guests to do what Dowling did. "It's not necessary or expected," the housekeeper told Business Insider. "But it's really sweet when a guest takes apart their bed before they leave because you have to clean so many rooms in a certain amount of time”. “It helps a lot. Also, put all your used towels in a pile together on the floor”