Man claims he received a full bag of chips, Twitter promptly goes nuts

A man caused a stir on Twitter after he claimed he received a bag that was filled to the brim with chips. On August 29, a Twitter user with the handle AgentCodyBlacks shared two side-by-side photos of his bag of Lay’s chips and the amount of chips that were supposedly in it. “Shout out to [whoever] made this lays bag serial number 8043000162, this s*** full to the MAX,” he tweeted. The tweet has since gone viral, receiving over 500,000 likes. Twitter users naturally felt the need to respond because — let’s be real with ourselves — most bags of any snack are rarely filled up completely. “I don’t ask much, just the good luck this man has,” one person wrote in response. The user’s bag of Lay’s aside, there’s actually a reason why bags of snacks have so much air in them. The “air” is actually taste-preserving nitrogen that keeps the snacks from being stale