Man carries TV while running in powerful TikTok commentary on Ahmaud Arbery shooting

A 34-year-old former white pastor ran

2.23 miles in his Florida neighborhood...

to make a strong statement about

the death of 25-year-old Georgia

resident Ahmaud Arbery.

Richard Demsick took to TikTok to share a video of himself running while carrying a flat-screen TV on his shoulder.

“Hey guys, just going on a leisurely jog here in the South ... carrying a TV and perfectly safe. I wonder why that is. I run with Ahmaud,” he says .

In an interview with Insider, Demsick said he felt compelled to show the unequal treatment that white and Black people receive.

“If you’re a white person trying to put yourself in black people’s shoes, you’re just a white person in a black person’s shoes,” he said