Man calls out brother's girlfriend over 'selfish' reaction to family pastime

A 24-year-old man is stirring controversyafter sharing the reason behind a heatedconflict with his brother’s girlfriend.The man shared the confrontation onReddit’s AITA (Am I The A******) forum, writingunder the username u/FrustratedAdam201.“[Am I the a******] for telling my brotherhis girlfriend can’t be in the room whenwe are watching [soccer] anymore?”the Redditor titled his post.Apparently, the twin brothers are major fansof the English Premier League team Arsenal, andthey always watch the club’s games together.That was before the man’s brother started datinga new woman, who strongly dislikes the sport.“His girlfriend has been in the room every matchthat’s been on since they are apparently joinedat the hip … All she does is complain about howstupid the game is and how it’s just a game andwe are dumb for taking it so seriously”.The man wrote that his brother’s girlfriend wouldconstantly talk during Arsenal’s games, tellingthem “about all the gossip between her friends,”which he said he didn’t want to hear.“And she gets really offended, saying, ‘Oh I am so sorryfor tearing you away from your precious game”.After one particularly intense incident,the man’s brother left the apartmentwith his girlfriend, but returned later,still angry about the confrontation.“My brother came back later and we arguedagain and I told him that I never want her to bethere when I am watching a match … Our relationshipis certainly rocky because of this”.The Redditor’s post drew more than 1,300comments, with many saying they believedthat the man was in the right.“You don’t have to be a sports fan to knowit is rude to constantly be telling someonehow stupid their sport is and that theyare dumb for taking it seriously”.Others users were much moresympathetic to the girlfriend.“Being a host doesn’t give youthe right to be impolite,” one userwrote of the man’s reaction

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