A Man Was Arrested For Camping Out And Quarantining On Disney's Discovery Island

Kelly Allen

From Delish

Disney Parks are temporarily shut down, but that didn’t stop one 42-year-old man from spending some of his time quarantining on a Disney World island that he believed to be a “tropical paradise.”

According to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, the man was found on Thursday and taken into custody after being on Disney World’s Discovery Island for a few days; he reportedly planned on staying for a whole week. The man told police he didn’t hear the deputies searching for him on the land, by boat, or by helicopter because he was sleeping in a building. Per The Orange County Register, it was a Disney security officer who first spotted the man while surveilling the property on a boat.

McGuire told authorities that he didn’t know the island was a restricted area, even though there are "no trespassing" signs and two closed gates he would have to pass to get to the island. He was charged with a misdemeanor of trespassing with a court hearing now scheduled for June, CNN reports.

The island he was on used to be a zoological attraction prior to Disney’s Animal Kingdom park opening. It has been closed since 1999. I guess this is a sign that Disney should reopen the island (when it’s safe to do so), because the people love a little taste of paradise. What I really want to know is: Did this man bring his own food or was he somehow feasting at one of Disney’s restaurants? Quarantining on a Disney island sounds pretty nice, you know, if it were legal.

(To be very clear, no one should attempt this. Stay home and stay safe!)

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