Mama Cows' Persistent Cries for Their Babies Show the Power of Love

There's really no love like that of a mother!

Everyone's heard the phrase, 'there's no love like a mother's love," but not as many people get to see that phenomenon in action. Just wait until you see these precious cows, though! Cattle owner @drvancuren gave TikTok the best gift when he shared the sweetest videos of his mama cows reuniting with their calves.

They hadn't been apart for long, but the doting moms still mooed their hearts out until they could see their babies. It was even sweeter when they were all reunited--see for yourself!

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We can't decide who's cuter--the mamas or their little ones! Every cow in the herd has such unique colors and markings, but it's the concern and care of the mothers that have our hearts just melting.

"I have come to the conclusion that animals have more sense than most people," said commenter @peggyroberts259. Honestly, you're probably right! These moms know exactly where their babies are, and once they're reunited--they're outta there!

@Rosiesmama joked, "looks like pickup at the school bus stop," while @tperkins76 said it's more like "pickup the 1st day of Kindergarten." LOL, we knew this scene looked so familiar! We suppose there are some things all moms understand, and picking up their kids is one of them!

Commenter @cringe27babe can certainly relate! She groups herself with "us seasoned mamas in the back talking salon shop with the ladies." We see you! We love how many viewers can see a bit of themselves in these precious mamas. That's the power of motherhood right there!

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