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Jennifer Rudolph Walsh

"That’s the thing that I find all the time, is that: ‘I can’t believe this is happening today’. That’s the universe giving you a giant god-wink and saying, ‘Yes sweetheart, yes! You’re on the right track, just keep going!’"Jennifer Rudolph Walsh joined MAKERS Founder Dyllan McGee as they discussed Walsh's newest book, "Hungry Hearts: Essays on Courage, Desire, and Belonging," along with how we all need to listen to our inner voices and tell our stories.

Carmen Perez-Jordan

A Renaissance woman in modern-day activism, Carmen Perez-Jordan has dedicated her life to issues of civil rights, gender equity, violence prevention, racial healing and community policing. The President and CEO of The Gathering For Justice, Perez-Jordan got to talking with Dyllan McGee about the constant desire to give back and support your community. And, of course, we also had to cover the joys of motherhood, baking, and the importance of showing up for one another.

Kara Goldin

“The journey isn’t about being a unicorn or a failure. It’s about trying.” Kara Goldin, author and founder of Hint, talks with Dyllan McGee about her new book, Undaunted, which empowers women to overcome doubts and doubters. The self-proclaimed “accidental entrepreneur” discusses how she stayed true to her mission of creating a healthy drink, and the importance of surrounding herself with a great team.

Luvvie Ajayi Jones

Are you a Professional Troublemaker? Luvvie Ajayi Jones, the New York Times bestselling author of 'I'm Judging You' as well as a speaker and podcast host, is teaching us ALL on how to tackle fear and audaciously step into our lives, our careers, and our legacies that go beyond even our wildest dreams.

Fatima Goss Graves

"If you value and love and support the future and freedom for Black girls, then this is the space to be." Fatima Goss Graves, President & CEO of the National Women’s Law Center, sat down with MAKERS Founder and Executive Producer Dyllan McGee to talk about the milestones we hit in 2020 and where we go from here.

Cindy Gallop

This episode of MAKERS@Home with Cindy Gallop, Founder of MakeLoveNotPorn was extremely enlightening. "There are two very important things that every parent should take on board today. The first is that you cannot begin talking to your child about sex too early...The second thing you have to do is when you talk to your child about sex, you must also talk to your child about porn."

Gitanjali Rao

“I’m a kid doing what she loves and I think that’s what makes every step of the journey that [much] more exciting.” 15 year-old scientist, author, innovator, and TIME's 2020 Kid of the Year, Gitanjali Rao is just getting started! Rao joined Dyllan McGee to talk about her recent honor of being selected as a TIME Person of the Year as well as some of her most recent projects: solving opioid addiction, cleaning contaminated water, inspiring girls in STEM, and founding the app Kindly to put cyberbullying to rest. Watch our conversation and get inspired!

Daniella Diaz

“Never make the same mistake twice. Because that means that you didn’t learn from your first mistake.” CNN video producer Daniella Diaz talks with Emmy award-winning host Lilliana Vasquez about turning failure into opportunity and learning how to be comfortable with imposter syndrome and uncertainty on the job. Diaz also discusses her experience on the campaign trails of both Elizabeth Warren and Mike Pence, as well as her role in the HBO Max documentary, On the Trail.

Tanya Saracho

“That’s cultural erasure… Omission is erasure. It’s really damaging.” Tanya Saracho, the creator, showrunner, and executive producer of 'Vida' on STARZ, talks with Emmy award-winning host Lilliana Vazquez about the importance of championing Latinx creatives both in front of and behind the camera, as well as Saracho’s incubator lab in development that will support Latinx talent in all stages of film production.

The two also discuss Saracho’s production company Chingona Productions, their shared experiences of growing up as border town Mexicanas in Texas, as well as brujas (witches) and the need to decolonize magic. Saracho also calls attention to the recent devastating Hurricane Eta in Nicaragua via

Mónica Ramírez

Mónica Ramírez, Founder of Justice for Migrant Women and Co-founder of Alianza Nacional de Campesinas, returns to MAKERS@Home on Latina Equal Pay Day. In discussion with MAKERS Founder Dyllan McGee following the release of ‘NOT DONE: Women Remaking America,’ they continue the conversation on closing the page gap for Latina women in America and the power of the Latina vote. “We are going to keep pushing forward and we are winning, and don't forget it.”

Karla Martinez de Salas

Karla Martinez de Salas, Vogue Mexico Editor-in-Chief, joins journalist Lilliana Vazquez to discuss her move from El Paso, Texas to enter the world of magazine publishing in New York City. From W to Elle, and now “Vogue Mexico and Latin America” Martinez de Salas has made strides in promoting the LatinX culture and voice, especially with such daring and revolutionary covers as putting the first-ever indigenous person on a “Vogue” cover, Yalitza Aparicio.

Cindy Leive

Former “Glamour” Editor-in-chief Cindi Leive discusses her new venture “The Meteor,” as a creative media collective addressing political, cultural and societal topics through the prism of gender. From voter turnout to the best ways to get involved in this unprecedented election season, Leive outlines the stakes and how her work has been shaped by the women that came before her.

Tanzina Vega

“Follow different women, follow and understand that we are as diverse in our opinions as we are in the types of jobs that we have and the things that we think about.” Tanzina Vega explores her foray into journalism, from a tech editor to CNN to the New York Times. Exploring themes of diversity, career trajectory and saying yes to unforeseen opportunities that can shape your professional life, Vega credits her path with the mentorship and tutelage of women in power. You can listen to Tanzina Vega daily on her podcast “The Takeaway” on WNYC.

Robin Arzón

“We are not taught that the path to success is a windy road, a circuitous road.” Former lawyer Robin Arzón turned her new found passion for fitness into becoming the Peloton head instructor and VP of Fitness Programing. In a freewheeling chat with host and Emmy Award winning journalist Lilliana Vazquez, Arzón talks about race conversations within the LatinX community, what she’s learned from her parents, staying original and overcoming uncomfortable situations. Robin Arzónn lives by the rule that there is nothing any one person cannot accomplish so long as you stay authentic to yourself, your values and your focus: “I believe focus is the antidote to fear, and the catalyst to change.”

Aimee Allison

“Women of color are Trump's kryptonite." - She The People founder Aimee Allison gets down to the nitty gritty of voting in the US, bolstering the vote and more broadly the voices of women of color in swing states. In conversation with MAKERS founder Dyllan McGee, Aimee doubles down on voter registration and talks about the strategy of voter tripling, picking three people in your close circle to push to vote. To learn more about your states’ voting regulations and how to best exercise your duty as a citizen, visit

Austin Channing Brown

When Austin Channing Brown, best-selling author and executive producer of ‘The Next Question,’ said she wanted to write a memoir about her experience as a Black woman, her editor nixed the idea and said "No one will read that memoir." Two years later, Austin Channing Brown is on the New York Times Bestsellers List with that exact book, ‘I'm Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness.’ The writer and producer didn't stop there. In this episode of MAKERS@Home, Brown gets real with MAKERS' founder, Dyllan McGee, to talk more about the fight for intersectional equality. To truly challenge systemic racism and show up as an accomplice, she tells MAKERS, “What I need is for you to be able to look around and see injustice on your own, without me having to point it out, without me having to teach you."

Nadia Hallgren

Director and cinematographer Nadia Hallgren followed Michelle Obama on her book tour for Becoming. The result? A Netflix documentary of the same name that introduced the public to the real former first lady. Hallgren went about authentically portraying the Chicago native through trust and developing a close personal relationship. “It was such a contemporary story, but then I had to think historically, in 25 years when people watch this film, what are they going to get from it and that was going to be a document that was probably going to live on way past my own lifetime,” she says.

Lauren Crampsie

Lauren Crampsie, president of Ogilvy New York, talks to MAKERS’ Ja’Nay Hawkins about how the Black Lives Matter movement has had a significant impact on how she works, her teams operate, boardrooms make decisions and the makeup of the advertising industry at large. Crampsie implemented the first Black sponsorship program at the advertising agency and introduced a justice and brand accountability checklist to help clients recognize their privileges. “Know that you have people around you that are already doing this work, have been doing this work, and now they just need us to get out of the way and stand behind them and push them forward,” she says. “It's how do I get through every single day moving from, you know, allyship to accompliceship? And you don't always get everything right as a white woman.”

Reshma Saujani

Girls Who Code founder and author Reshma Saujani is leading a non-profit during a global health crisis, which definitely has its fair share of challenges. But that hasn’t slowed Saujani and her organization down. In fact, Girls Who Code is helping teach more than 5,000 girls basic developer skills this summer. The former lawyer, who became a blonde in quarantine, hopes to impart wisdom on the young women who participate in her program beyond just HTML, encouraging them to stand up for themselves at work and to normalize imperfection both professionally and personally.

Kara Nortman

Venture capitalist Kara Nortman played a part in making history recently, co-leading a group of investors — including superstar athletes Abby Wombach, Mia Hamm, Serena Williams, Glennon Doyle and allies such as Alexis Ohanian — to bring a National Women’s Soccer League team to Los Angeles, Calif. Called Angel City, the group hopes to be competing by Spring 2022, and is the first professional team in the United States to be women-led, women-founded and majority women-owned. How did Nortman pull it off (and finalizing the deal during a pandemic to boot!)? Well, with a lot of help from friend and partners, including entrepreneur Julie Urhman and actress Natalie Portman, and some inspirational quotes:

  • "The world is full of magic things patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper" — William Butler Yeats

  • "If they don't give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair" — Shirley Chisholm

Learn more about Angel City by visiting and by following @weareanglecity on Twitter and Instagram.

Tiffany R. Warren

Tiffany R. Warren, SVP, Chief Diversity Officer of Omnicom and Founder and President of ADCOLOR, considers “CDOs good troublemakers.” Warren’s fellow diversity and inclusion leads have to be that way, she explains, because so often they’re “under-resourced, undervalued, under-supported and undermined.” For Warren serving as an advocate for people of color, she works within the structure, speaks truth to power and acts as a disruptor to move things forward. On a personal level, Warren has mastered self-care by spending quality time with her 4-year old neice, regular at home spa-treatments and obsessing over The Goonies.

Lilliana Vasquez

Emmy Award-winning journalist Lilliana Vazquez is the host of DNA of a MAKER, the new podcast series from MAKERS that interviews high-achieving individuals to find out the traits they value the most about themselves and how these attributes have shaped who they are. “The thing that these women all have in common is that they all lead their lives with empathy,” she says of the subjects. Special guests include Kimberlé Crenshaw, Gretchen Carlson, #metoo’s Tarana Burke and more. Vazquez also shares her biggest takeaways from these conversations, including owning perceived weaknesses as strengths, the value of authenticity and the importance of a strong support system. You can download and listen to new episodes every Tuesday here.

Joanna Barsh

“I chose to focus on black women because you are the canary in the coalmine...” Joanna Barsh, Director Emerita at McKinsey, joins host Ja’Nay Hawkins to talk about diversity and inclusion efforts at companies, and the importance of listening to the experiences and supporting the growth of Black women in the workplace. Joanna digs deep into the current structures and necessary changes within organizations to develop more inclusive environments, including building a diverse talent pipeline and promoting transparency. Joanna is a hit speaker at every MAKERS Conference; watch her from February 2020 here.

Bozoma Saint John

Bozoma Saint John, a superstar marketer in the business world, was named CMO of Netflix at the end of June. Just prior to the announcement, Bozoma joined MAKERS in a discussion of resiliency in the face of multiple challenges, and the creation of the #ShareTheMic campaign where white women allies lent their social media platforms to Black women to amplify their voices in support of #BlackLivesMatter. You can learn more about Bozoma and her tips for success through her upcoming “Badass Workshop,” which will include advice on work, relationships, self-care and how to be an all-around badass woman.

Sky Brown

At 11, skateboarder Sky Brown was set to compete in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, making her the youngest competitor in history. With the Games on hold, Brown is taking time to heal from a recent injury — but is still making sure to stay positive by dancing her way through quarantine. Not even a teenager, Brown has already accomplished so much, and is sharing her wisdom in a recently released memoir called Sky’s The Limit, Words of Wisdom from a Young Champion. She hopes to encourage girls all over the world to be bold with her words. “Don’t care what people think, believe in yourself and most of all, have fun!” she says.

Angela Glover Blackwell

“Whatever you are feeling in your heart now, combine it with what you do in the voting booth,” says Angela Glover Blackwell. On Juneteenth 2020, the Founder in Residence of PolicyLink, dives deep into the Black Lives Matter movement with MAKERS and shares ways to keep the momentum going to make a real difference in society. From identifying microaggressions to promoting diversity in the workplace, Blackwell gives advice on allyship and the importance of honoring and studying history to move forward. Hear more from Blackwell on her podcast series Radical Imagination.

Eva Longoria

“The amount of young people protesting; it gives me hope, and I look at them in awe.” Director, producer, actress, activist, and mother Eva Longoria is in conversation with MAKERS’ Dyllan McGee about #BlackLivesMatter, using her platform to #AmplifyMelanatedVoices, the LatinX support she’s been witnessing and continuing the work of the Eva Longoria Foundation through education and community empowerment. On a self-help note, she shares her three quarantine saviors: meditation, puzzles and prosecco.

Diane Von Furstenberg

“The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.” - Diane von Furstenberg loves to be alone, and she is not shy about it. While sharing her secrets to a fulfilling life, the fashion designer and businesswoman highlights the importance of facing your fears, embracing your doubts and finding your strengths. She is using this time in quarantine to write her new opus ‘Own It,’ which is sure to be full of Diane’s trademark wisdom and savvy.

Kathy Najimy

While sipping her trusty Starbucks order (a venti decaf americano with almond milk and two Stevias, which she still manages to get during the pandemic), Kathy Najimy catches MAKERS up on her upcoming projects, which include a show about Ms. magazine and Gloria Steinem, her book My Moment and most surprising of all, the creation of a new virtual game to replace her bi-weekly game nights.

Corey Rae

Between perfecting her cooking skills, getting into a TikTok hole and writing, Corey Rae is keeping busy during quarantine. Helping her stay productive is reciting a daily mantra — “This too shall pass” — which is especially helpful considering her full slate of ongoing projects from executive producing Queen, the film following the story of her life, as the first openly transgender prom queen to spearheading LGBTQ causes. To educate yourself, check out

Terry Crews

Terry Crews, known for his boundless positive energy, has not let the coronavirus pandemic dampen his disposition. The actor and TV personality is persevering with a regimented routine: wake up at 4 a.m. (yes, even on the weekends), start a book club and judge a virtual Guy Fieri and Bill Murray nacho showdown to raise money for the hospitality industry. “Sometimes your greatest hopes are destroyed to prepare you for something better,” the actor tells MAKERS.

Debra Messing

What is actor and activist Debra Messing doing during quarantine? A daily dose of Andrew Cuomo, binge-watching every comedy under the sun and playing the piano. During this time, she's also giving back, working a cause close to her heart: ‘Pandemic Of Love’ a mutual aid community of care that was started in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Learn more and donate at

Nadya Okamoto

The coronavirus is not stopping author, activist and founder of PERIOD Nadya Okamoto, a woman known for running a million miles an hour! Even while sheltering in place, the 22-year-old continues to move mountains, collaborating with a global network of volunteers to serve hard-hit communities with the period products they need. The team is sending “2 million period products that are sourced just for COVID response” to women, free of charge. You can donate and become part of the movement at

Mónica Ramírez

Mónica Ramírez, Co-Founder and President, Alianza Nactional de Campesinas, joined Dyllan McGee to shine a light on the more than two million farmworkers keeping the US fed during the pandemic crisis. Ramirez says, “Farmworkers say that they need apoyo - they need support. They need us to lift up their spirit.” She adds, “I have said over and over again that farmworkers are frontline workers.” Justice for Migrant Women and other organizations are raising immediate funds to go directly to farmworkers and their families. Learn more and add your support via

Justin Baldoni

Actor and activist Justin Baldoni’s quarantine involves box breathing, ice cold showers and his one-to-one BE LOVE mission to provide masks for unhoused people in Los Angeles. Find out more about the initiative, a collaboration between Baldoni’s The Wayfarer Foundation and SubZero Masks at

Samantha Barry

What do zoom weddings, mental health days and TikTok dances have in common? Glamour magazine’s new series Love in the Time of Coronavirus, says the magazine’s editor-in-chief Samantha Barry. The publication is also committed to providing resources for women during the pandemic and ensuring the voices of domestic violence victims are heard.

Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s COO, knows something about the importance of resilience in a time of crisis. The author of Lean In and Option B discusses self-compassion and the three Ps: personalization, permanence and pervasiveness as some of the tools she’s used for getting her through during tough times and how she’s employing them now during the global pandemic. Learn more by reading a free excerpt of Option B

Tina Tchen

Tina Tchen, CEO of TIME’S UP, shares what it’s like for female workers on the frontlines during the COVID-19 crisis and advocates for permanent paid sick leave for everyone. She implores people to push the initiative forward by texting ‘Paid Sick Leave Now’ to 306-44. Check out for more information.

Tai Dixon

Tai Dixon, the chief of staff at the Women’s Prison Association (WPA), says, “Women in and out of prison are less likely to be paid attention to when they present with concerns about their health.” During the coronavirus pandemic, the WPA and the formerly incarcerated women the organization helps are facing new and unique challenges. MAKERS is committed to supporting the WPA and helping women with criminal justice histories. Visit to learn more.

Katie Couric

In a freewheeling chat about her new video series highlighting frontline workers, journalist Katie Couric says that now’s the time to “renew your commitment to the things that are really important: your relationships and helping other people.” The founder of Katie Couric Media also talks about how to find a job post-crisis and her experience writing her memoir.

Cynt Marshall

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care,” says Cynt Marshall, CEO of the Dallas Mavericks. She shares with MAKERS how the team is helping their community and beyond, what it’s like leading through a crisis and what belief is at the heart of everything she does. It’s simply this: People matter, and that’s all that matters.

Gloria Steinem

“This is a lesson of living in the present,” activist Gloria Steinem says of the COVID-19 crisis. While these are trying times, Steinem does see societal opportunities and makes the case for universal healthcare in the United States and a reframing of how race and gender are viewed globally. The feminist icon also notes there’s a need to help all women during these unprecedented times.

Abby Wambach and Glennon Doyle

Glennon Doyle’s new nonfiction book Untamed examines the societal expectations of being a woman and learning how to fight pre-conceived notions of femininity. Doyle and partner Abby Wambach talk about anxiety, self-compassion and maintaining a steady routine. Buy the book is available at

Cameron Esposito

Celebrated comedian, actress and podcaster Cameron Esposito talks with MAKERS about living with someone who is immunocompromised during the spread of coronavirus and developing healthy habits while staying home. Esposito, who released the memoir Save Yourself about her journey from wanting to serve as a priest to instead becoming a LGBTQ stand-up comic in late March, asks people to support local bookstores now more than ever. Her book is available at

Ai-Jen Poo

Director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance Ai-Jen Poo chats about the launch of the Coronavirus Care Fund, the COVID Ready Caregiver Certification Program and her personal tips to keep sane during the pandemic, which includes drawing elephants. Support domestic workers, donate and get involved in advocacy through