MAKERS 2021 Kickoff Event - Sanchia Legsiter

MAKERS 2021 Kickoff Event - Sanchia Legsiter

Video Transcript


SANCHIA LEGISTER: Hello MAKERS community. Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. My name is Sanchia Legister and I'm a global Lululemon ambassador. And I'm [INAUDIBLE]. It's my pleasure to be here and host this mindful moment.

Mindful moment is an invitation for you to take pause from the excitement and passion [INAUDIBLE] that we can take in everything and appreciate everything we've experienced so far, to ground, to reset, and to connect back to ourselves, and to connect back to the intentions of why we are here, and, ultimately, set ourselves up [INAUDIBLE] keep going. So for the next few minutes, I will be here with you right by your sides. I'll be here. I'll be guiding you through this [INAUDIBLE].

There will be some things that might come up. So I'll just kind of cover those now. So you can expect some intentional silence, though the music will be [INAUDIBLE]. You might have some body feels, so a tingle, a shudder. You might feel compelled to sigh out really loudly or to make a hum or anything else. And it is all welcome as far as I'm concerned.

Of course, as we move through these minutes together, if [INAUDIBLE] uncomfortable, [INAUDIBLE] doesn't feel right, then please, you can open your eyes if they're closed. Just take a moment and you can just rejoin once we're finished. So now that all of that out of the way, if you need a minute just to have a stretch, guess we'll do that. [INAUDIBLE] arm, if you have a shimmy, whatever it is you've got to do.

And then find yourself in a comfortable seated position. You can't see the lower half of me, but I'm on a cushion. You can be on a chair. You can be lying down. You can [INAUDIBLE]. And then take your hands and place them somewhere that feels natural. I'll give you some suggestions [INAUDIBLE] could be on your thighs, palms down or palms up. Of course, you could always take your hands to your heart [INAUDIBLE].

And then we're going to take three big breaths, so just in and then a quick out with a big sigh, Just clearing energy, just the spring clean in our systems. So when you are ready, finish the natural exhaled breath that you're on right now. And then with me, just take a deep one in. You might want to open your mouth and let it out with a sigh. Ah. Two more just like that, inhale. And sigh out. One more inhale. Let it go. Ah.

[INAUDIBLE] so you might close them completely or just soften the gaze. Your shoulders be heavy and drop down away from your ears. Close the mouth. Rest your tongue. Just let the breath happen. [INAUDIBLE] melt into the ground. Find an equal inhale to exhale.

Make this breath as easy as possible. And with me, we'll take 10 breaths together. Finish the exhale that you're on now.

When you're ready, inhale. Exhale. One, inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Five, inhale. Exhale. Six. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. [INAUDIBLE]. Inhale. Exhale. Nine. Last one, inhale.

[INAUDIBLE] rub your hands vigorously until you create some heat and some warmth between your palms. Hands warm enough, take the palms, keep them close to your eyelids and transfer the heat that you might be feeling.

So you start to think open the eyes into your hand, spread the fingers open, let some light in. Just take a look around your surroundings, take a look at your body. Finish with a big breath in. Big sigh out. Ah. Thank you so much for staying, for grounding, for connecting. And we hope you enjoy the rest [INAUDIBLE].