MAKERS 2021 Conference Wrap-up Sizzle

MAKERS 2021 Conference Wrap-up Sizzle

Video Transcript


- Hi, everybody.

- Hey, everyone.

- Hello, good people.

- Hi. It's Brandi Carlile here.

- I am so excited to be back here on Makers Stage.

- I want to welcome you to a very different but very special 2021 Makers Conference.

- Only Makers. Only Makers can pull this off.

- We're going to make double the trouble and have double the fun.

- It's time for us to make some good trouble.

- It's OK. We're all in this together.

- Get in there. Let's do it.

- Be unapologetic of the impact and the power that you have.

- It's tough if we try to follow somebody else's leadership style. So the first thing I had to kind of figure out was what was going to be best for me.

- I don't want to teach women how to cook. I don't teach women how to bake. I want to teach them how to lead.

- If you want to change the world, you need to first start with yourself. For me, personally, this means embodying what it means to be a maker smart.

- You don't have to talk tough to be tough.

- I think this is leadership in action. This is how we create real and lasting change.

- Can you be the catalyst to help leaders have that epiphany that allows them to go wow?

- Oh! I am already riveted.


- The second I embraced transparency and vulnerability as my superpower, everything changed.

- And it took me time to stop doubting my abilities and not feel like an impostor in organizations that are not designed for people like me.

- Growing up, I didn't really have female athletes on my walls because I didn't know enough female athletes. We want to change that.

- There's people behind that data. And the stories that are there, I think we have to be so careful that we don't lose the humanity.

- We want the world to learn about our deaf culture as well as our Black Death history.

- We need a lot of energy right now, because we are in a challenging but transformative moment.

- We are trying to move toward this beautiful vision of justice, together.

- The ideal is just to try our best and to stay aware.

- We can ignite change, and we are, one committee, a bold female leaders at a time.

- To truly enable us to be the most inclusive culture we know we can be.

- How do I bring a majority along this journey?

- Got to shake it up a little bit, you know? We've got to do things differently.

- The question is, will you?


- What I know for sure is we are most definitely in the [? work. ?] I am still here. And in spaces like love that keep you going.

- Keep thinking. Keep fighting. Keep loving. Keep trouble-making.

- We are indeed not done and we will keep going.

- Because we don't give up because we keep going.

- It's going to take all of it, everything in you, to keep going.

- People, we are just getting started.