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Make your loose rings fit instantly with these invisible ring sizers — less than $2 a pop

Is your jewelry box filled with one too many rings that don't fit you? From rings that were passed down from family members to special vintage finds to rings that used to fit you but don't anymore, it's not uncommon to own a few designs that twist around or slide right off. Luckily, you don't have to go to an expensive jeweler to have all of your rings resized — you just have to head to Amazon and nab a pack of Invisible Ring Size Adjusters.

This set of ring adjusters comes with eight options, so you can size multiple rings in seconds.

$9 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?s

Usually retailing for $11, you can bring home your own pack of Invisible Ring Size Adjusters now for just $9 — that's more than a 20% discount. This pack includes eight assorted sizes, which means each adjuster is less than $2!

Why do I need this?

Essentially, these clear ring adjusters are tiny pieces of soft, flexible plastic that you can slip onto the inside of almost any ring to give it a snugger fit. Simply snap one on with the flat side facing the inside of the band and you're done — reviewers say you won't even feel it when it's on. Suitable for both men and women's rings, this pack of adjusters comes in four wide and four narrower sizes so you can find the perfect fit.

Even if one of your rings is one full size too big, these adjusters can help! After all, you don't want your precious rings sliding off your fingers. And since you can easily remove the re-sizer whenever you want, you aren't making a permanent change to the ring. Talk about a life hack.

These flexible ring sizers let you give your ring a tighter fit without having to pay an expensive jeweler to resize it. (Amazon)
These flexible ring sizers let you give your ring a tighter fit without having to pay an expensive jeweler to resize it. (Amazon)

What reviewers say

Amazon shoppers can't get enough of these clever, clear ring adjusters — more than 20,000 customers have given them a five-star rating.

One happy reviewer called the adjusters "barely noticeable" and shared: "It gave me the perfect half-size cushion for my ring to fit snugly. It's practically invisible and thin, whereas I feel as though the spiral plastic adjusters look more clunky. I've been wearing mine for over a month daily and I won't be taking it off any time soon."

Another fan wrote: "I needed a solution to keep my ring from rotating on my finger and this solved the problem. I worked with the jeweler through multiple iterations to resize the ring down and still get it over my knuckle, but needed something to build up the ring so that it did not rotate on my finger. One of the eight adjusters worked well with the ring."

A third pleased shopper exclaimed, "It made the ring that was my Grandma's then my Mom's (who had it sized to fit her) fit me without me having to resize it. I had surgery on my right hand and it keeps swelling. So this way I can make it fit when my hand swells!"

Never worry about losing that loose ring again! These adjusters will let resize a ring in seconds.

$9 at Amazon

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