Maisto makes exclusive 1/18-scale 2020 Chevrolet Corvette for Costco, Sam's Club

Ronan Glon

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Chevrolet confirmed it will not be able to manufacture every example of the 2020 Corvette ordered, so some customers will receive a 2021 model instead. Maisto's 1/18-scale version of the car is much easier to build, and it teamed up with Costco and Sam's Club to create two versions of the replica that are exclusive to each retailer.

Costco's variant of the Corvette (pictured above) is finished in Sebring Orange with black stripes. Its frunk, doors, and decklid open, its four wheels are suspended (though the system isn't adjustable like in the real car), and the steering wheel turns. Sam's Club's version wears Accelerate Yellow, a $500 option on the full-size 2020 model.

Color aside, both models are identical. Maisto is a budget-friendly brand, so the details and the proportions are accurate all things considered. Its Corvette stretches about 10 inches long, four inches wide, and two inches tall.

Pricing hasn't been announced yet, but Maisto models are normally positioned on the affordable end of the scale meaning neither Corvette will carry a three-digit price tag. Keep in mind you'll need a membership to buy from either store, but it's still cheaper than ordering the real thing, which starts at about $60,000 before options. If you're not a member, or if you live nowhere near either store, you can pick up Maisto's standard 1/18-scale Corvette from a variety of retailers for approximately $50. It's available in red or in gray, and it doesn't come with black stripes.

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