Maine Coon Kittens' 'Instant' Transitions to Full-Grown Cats Is Too Cute

They grow up so fast!

Maine Coons are such gorgeous cats! They are so floofy and large, and some males have been known to grow up to 25 pounds. The Main Coon breed is known for being good-natured, sweet goofballs, and their owners can tell you they'd never have another breed of cat. 

But, like all kittens, they grow up so fast as this sweet video by @pnw.whiskers clearly illustrates. Watch these babies go from tiny newborns to full-grown regal cats before your eyes! 

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Ugh! Is there anything cuter than kittens "nursing" in their sleep? We love how their little mouths move. Too freaking cute. @Enritte exclaims, "You have WON this trend. Also the cutest kitties on the PLANET award too!" @Alexandracasas loves their little hisses. "Newborn kittens hissing is the cutest thing in the world," she posts. @Kimberlymolina adds, "My heart melts! So flipping cute." 

Us too! We want them all! How do we get employed as the official cat- scratcher to these kittens? If you ever need anyone to just cuddle and love on them, please get in touch! 

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