Maine Coon Kitten Transforms From Baby to Adult in 16 Seconds in Fascinating Video

This is pretty incredible!

Maine Coon cats are the largest domestic felines you can find, but their large size is only one characteristic about them to love. They also have square faces, 'snowshoe'- type paws, and larger-than-life personalities. It's no wonder why owners of this breed are so in love with their fur babies!

Cat photographer and TikTok user @robert_sijka posted the most fascinating video of a Maine Coon kitten growing up before our very eyes, and viewers are obsessed. The magic of photography truly knows no bounds!

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OMG, what a gorgeous kitty! We were in love with the lil' one since the very first photograph in the video, but our adoration only grew from there as we watched the cat grow up. This project must've been so special for the kitty's owner, too!

"This was so wonderful to watch," wrote commenter @inthemomenttexas. "Incredibly beautiful cat!" We couldn't agree more! Many of Robert's videos feature stunning Maine Coon cats, and it's easy to understand why. Their distinct features and luxurious fur are downright gorgeous in photographs.

Those eyes are to die for, too! @traceybeeisme agreed, writing, "Love it when their eye color come in … my baby started our blue as the sky as a kitten… now they are bright green!" Woah--that's so interesting! This kitty's eyes went from gray to amber, and it's simply mesmerizing to watch.

Just as @mrs.alpi said, "Maine coon's are the BEST cat breed. They're like cat/dogs." That's so true! With so much size and personality, they definitely can act like pups. With a transition video like this, though, it's so much easier to see just how big they can get!

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