Maine Coon Cat's Reaction to Mom Trying to Brush Him Is Too Comical

This king isn't having it.

Barny the Maine Coon cat isn't just popular for his massive size and gorgeous fur coat. He's also a very sassy, vocal boy who isn't afraid to talk back to his mom! In a recent video on his TikTok account, @mainecoon.barny, he undeniably denies her request to brush his long fur.

People with easily tangled hair will understand this cat's mindset without a second thought, though it's hard not to sympathize with his mom, as well. Brushing is necessary sometimes, whether one likes it or not!

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Oh, Barny! This majestic feline seems to be far too busy with looking out the window to be concerned about grooming right now, and we can't say that we blame him. Brushing hair can be such a hassle! Still, we can't help but be positively enchanted by the way this kitty tells his mama no.

"I love how he gently puts down his paw," writes @lavendertonight. Isn't it the sweetest? Even if he's denying her request to brush him, he does it in the most gentlemanly of ways. It's just like @sunshine8715 said: "at least he's nice about it." His mama raised one polite boy--that's for sure!

We think @ewiley0411 must've read the Maine Coon's mind when she wrote, "'Madam! Your incessant attempts at removing my luxurious floof are distracting me from my afternoon birdwatching. Be gone!'" How perfect is that? We can practically see this graceful kitty giving his mama orders like the king he is. After all, no brushing is going to happen unless he allows it!

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