Maine Coon Cats' Elaborate Photoshoot Is Fascinating to Watch

These photos are absolutely stunning.

When you think about absolutely gorgeous cats, the Maine Coon breed probably comes to mind. These gentle giants have long hair and can grow up to be 18 pounds or more as an adult. They are just incredibly adorable kittens who grow up to be majestic and gorgeous cats. They are talkative, incredibly smart and extremely affectionate.

That's why we always love seeing Maine Coon photoshoots like the one conducted by TikTok account holder @FurryFritz. These cats always take the best photos, and this backyard live action video session is no exception.

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These clips are just breathtaking! TikTok users are enchanted with these cats and @Alexdiaz, who isn't even a cat fan, comments, "Don't even really care for cats but this is a GREAT video." "How many times have you watched this...yup me too, " hilariously replies @Meg. @Ifollow adds, "So I have finally found the best TikTok use of this sound." @Savedbelle adds what we are all thinking with, "We're gonna need more of these please...thank you."

It's so hard to pick a favorite, but the big grey swatting Tabby colored one is up there! The content creator @Furryfritz adds to his description, "Can’t wait to have another one of these sessions!" We can't either, hurry up with more great kitty content!

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