Maid of honor's brazen musical performance turns heads

Giving the maid of honor speech at a wedding is alot of pressure. Some opt for tearful tributes, butothers prefer to stay on the sillier side of things.Kyle Tyndall Films, a wedding videographerin North Carolina, shared footage of a maid ofhonor speech that was a bit unconventional.“Best speech ever. This was a funtime for sure,” the caption said.In the video, maid of honor Lindsey Ann Jarmanperformed a tribute to the bride, who is alsoher sister, to the tune of “Under the Sea”from the movie “The Little Mermaid”.“My best friend, she just got married. This dayhas been so much fun. We all know you lovethe spotlight, but I’m not even halfway done,”Jarman says in a sing-song voice over the tune.“Haleigh’s married, Haleigh’s married — she beat me toit, but I think we knew it, she wouldn’t let me go first”.Jarman’s performance goes on for 10 minutes.She also parodies “Be Our Guest” from “Beautyand the Beast”, “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”from “The Lion King” and other Disney songs.TikTok users had strong reactions to Jarman’sspeech. “I’m getting secondhand embarrassment,”one wrote. “i’m so sorry but i would cancel thewedding right then and there” another said.Others were impressed with her work. “I would neverhave enough confidence to do this,” one user said.“THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!! So beautiful!,” another wrote.One thing is for sure — this was awedding the guests will never forget