These magnetic lashes are on in a snap

On this episode of Make Me Up, we're going through the biggest lasha and brow trends

Video Transcript

- Hey there, and welcome to "In The Know-- Make Me Up." I'm Melanie. And today we are talking about all the viral beauty trends that you wanted to try but maybe were, like, just a little bit too scared to because they looked a little crazy.

Let's dive into one that I am obsessed with-- the beautiful, amazing false lashes of your dreams. One of my favorite ways to get a beautiful lash is with a magnetic lash from Velour. So what we're going to start with is this beautiful, simple liner. Start from the inner corner of your eye, and you're going to take it all the way out. I'm going to let that dry for a second.

Let's go ahead and do the other eye. I'm going to go ahead and put the liner back into that little case. And these come off really easy. All right, let's do it.

Ooh! Oh! Let's go ahead and do this other eye.

All right, and press them together. Ooh, and these are already looking really good. I'm going to go ahead and take it up to the next level. I'm going to put on my favorite mascara to really bind my natural lashes and my fake lashes.

I have the amazing Ilia Limitless mascara. I like to really coat it at the base and kind of wiggle it up to get a lot of product on there. Let's go ahead and switch to the other side.

We're going to try to bind those natural lashes and those faux lashes together. If you're looking to really try out a viral trend-- game changer. And, of course, boom-- so good.

I'm Melanie, and we will see you next time. And I'm going to go out and start putting lashes on people. Who wants lashes?