A MAGA Supporter Thinks It Should Be Illegal for Women To Own Dogs

A MAGA Supporter Thinks It Should Be Illegal for Women To Own Dogs
A MAGA Supporter Thinks It Should Be Illegal for Women To Own Dogs
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Single woman at skatepark kissing her dog
Single woman at skatepark kissing her dog

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One MAGA supporter thinks it should be illegal for women to own dogs, according to the Daily Beast,

In a recent bonus episode of The New Abnormal podcast, hosts Daniel Moodie and Andy Levy played clips of far-right politicians and supporters saying some absurd things. One clip featured a Republican State Senator from Missouri advocating for the marriage of 12-year-olds. 

In another clip, the hosts listened to Florida Republican Webster Barnaby compare trans people to mutants from X-Men during a hearing. Astoundingly, he also referred to transgender people as “demons”. Afterward, he apologized for his remarks toward the transgender community.

 Notably, Moodie and Levy criticized Barnaby’s insensitive remarks and pointed out that mutants are still humans and not aliens. Sir, take your ass to Mars, too,” Danielle said. “I’m so sick and tired. Like ‘God created blah, blah.’ Everybody doesn’t believe in your same God. Everybody doesn’t read from your same Bible of evil and despair. So mutants, whatever, X-Men, fantastic, they all have special powers, they’re all really f*****g cool.”

Apparently, single women shouldn’t own dogs

They also mocked Trump supporter Ethan Schmidt-Crockett, who wants to make dog ownership illegal for single women, calling the speaker a “loser”. According to him, “You know, if a single woman owns a dog, that is a major red flag. Major red flag. You know, every woman I’ve ever seen that’s single and has a dog, especially a male dog, you know, they have no control over the dog”.

Going on, Schmidt-Crockett argues that legislation should be passed keeping single women from owning dogs. Furthering his point, Schmidt-Crockett said single women-owned dogs had attacked him multiple times.

Although it doesn’t need to be repeated, there’s absolutely no link between sex, gender, and dog ownership competency. Perhaps Schmidt-Crockett’s behavior towards these dogs is what makes them aggressive, a concept that’s been scientifically proven. It’s also important to remember that among women and men, there are different reasons for owning a dog. According to one study, women are more likely to want a dog that gives them a sense of security and protection.

Everyone and anyone can be a good dog owner

During the episode, Moodie and Levy expressed their frustration with far-right politicians and supporters making these outrageous statements. In particular, Moodie took issue with the idea that everyone should believe in the same God and read from the same Bible. 

Additionally, she argued that diversity of beliefs makes society interesting and that people should be more accepting of others. On his end, Levy also criticized the far-right for their intolerance, suggesting they were out of touch with the majority of Americans.

Overall, the hosts used the clips to illustrate the extreme and absurd positions taken by some members of the far right. They also used the opportunity to poke fun at them and criticize their intolerance and lack of empathy. Hopefully, being against women owning dogs won’t become part of the conservative agenda anytime soon.

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