Madison Reed's Free Online Hair Coloring Classes Will Save Your Roots & Sanity

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If I learned anything during the pandemic, it’s that being able to do and color your hair at home is truly a valuable skill. And while sure, the plethora of YouTube hair tutorials out there can provide some guidance, when it comes to at-home coloring, you want to know you’re learning directly from a professional and using salon-quality products that rid your hair of pesky grays and leave it looking gorgeous and damage free. I could definitely use a pointer or two when it comes to the best tips and tricks on the application process and luckily Madison Reed is able to break it down with its (free!) online hair coloring classes.

In the most recent Hair Color House Party, participants learned all about why roots and gloss are the perfect pair. For those who don’t know, gloss allows you to refresh faded tones, reduce brassiness, add brilliant shine, and either cool down unwanted brassy tones or add warmth and dimension.

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During the online class, Susan Roberts-Cooper, Madison Reed’s Director of Research & Development, walked attendees through the entire process with a very helpful demonstration on her own hair. She gave step-by-step instructions on how to best section your hair and apply the dye, as well as tips for ensuring it’s a smooth and easy process (for one, you’ll want to remove any tangles beforehand). She also shared that one-day dirty hair is actually preferred when coloring your roots, so there’s no need to fret about having a fresh head regardless of if you’re going to the salon or coloring your hair at home.

And for those thinking about experimenting with at-home hair care, Madison Reed makes it easy to find your perfect match and even sends color kits with everything you’ll need directly to your home. Plus, they also have helpful tricks on their site for anyone wondering what the best way to use gloss is — one being to gloss mid-lengths and ends when you color your roots.

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For this method, you’ll want to apply gloss to your mid‑lengths and ends immediately after coloring your roots, then let everything process together. Gloss makes your hair look freshly colored, without over‑darkening or creating color buildup. As for the other method — using gloss between coloring to bring faded color back to life — you’ll just want to apply from roots to ends.

But aside from hair coloring and gloss application, SheKnows Deputy Editor Erika Janes also shared some ways to pass the time while waiting for your hair to process. Because you will obviously need your hands to work your hair magic, a manicure is a no-go, but with a nice, relaxing at-home pedicure, you can have your own personal spa day and emerge looking great from head to toe.

And with spring here and summer just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to experiment with lighter tones, but if that’s not your style, choose a color (both on your head and toes) that will make you happy because at the end of the day, you know what you like and that’s what matters.

If you’re bummed you missed this elucidating event, you’re in luck because Madison Reed will be hosting another Hair Color House Party on May 12 at 9pm ET and this time, they’ll be discussing everything you need to know about “How to Balayage Your Hair at Home with Light Works.” There will also be a special guest appearance from STYLECASTER Deputy Editor Alana Peden, who will be providing tips on how to document your transformation on social media — because you’re going to want to show off your new ‘do.

If you plan on joining (which you definitely should!) and coloring along, here are a few tips to keep in mind beforehand:

  • Have day-old clean, dry hair

  • Have plastic hair clips to help with hair sectioning

  • Wear an old shirt or smock to avoid any accidental clothing stains

  • Plan on starting your process timer when you complete your color application

Register for the next event here. See you there!

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