Mad Bets: Are the Warriors a good bet to miss the playoffs?

Minty Bets & Jared Quay are joined by Hakeem Profit of WagerTalk to go through which teams will make the NBA Playoffs.

Video Transcript

MINTY BETS: Welcome back to "Mad Bets," everyone. We're talking NBA futures bets. I'm here with Jared Quay and NBA handicapper from WagerTalk Hakeem Profit. And this is gonna be, like, a rapid fire segment.

Guys, real quick, do these teams make the playoffs? Yes or no? Let's start with the Atlanta Hawks. Yes at minus 125 and no at plus 105. Hakeem?

HAKEEM PROFIT: Yeah, have to give me the yes at the minus 125. It's more than Trae Young this year. And with Capela, the defense, hopefully, gets a little better.

MINTY BETS: OK. Jared, do you agree?

JARED QUAY: Absolutely, yes. I even like Bogdanovic off the bench. I think they have some pieces where they're gonna score a lot of points. Hopefully, their games going to be better. But they're going to playoffs.

MINTY BETS: Next up, the Charlotte Hornets to make the playoffs. Yes, plus 375, or no, minus 500. Jared.

JARED QUAY: We got to go yes. I mean, odds, it doesn't get you a lot of money, but they're just growing as a team. They're getting better. And I think the additions of LaMelo Ball and you got Gordon Hayward. I just don't see how they don't make it in the East, where I feel like it's not as competitive. So yeah.

MINTY BETS: OK, I agree. Hakeem, how about you?

HAKEEM PROFIT: I love plus money, and I love LaMelo, but I'm gonna try to be a realist and just say no. I don't think they're gonna make it.

MINTY BETS: Next up, the Golden State Warriors. Do they make the playoffs? Yes, minus 190, or no, plus 155. Hakeem.

HAKEEM PROFIT: I think it's correct. I think they do make the playoff. They don't have Klay Thompson, but there's still a lot of options. And let's not forget unanimous MVP Steph Curry.

MINTY BETS: Mm-hmm. Jared, how about you?

JARED QUAY: Here goes one of Jared's crazy takes. But I think no. I think the team has a lot of offensive options, but they don't have a locked down defensive player. And the West is tough. They got some young bucks that are getting good.

I think without Klay, just messes up this team's whole chemistry. I think the Golden State Warriors are left off the playoffs for two years straight.

MINTY BETS: Houston Rockets. Yes, plus 105, or no, minus 125. Jared.

JARED QUAY: I like the Rockets here. I think John Wall looks like he's coming back with vengeance. And I just feel like there's new coach, new system. I think the Rockets still are one of the top teams, so I like them go.

MINTY BETS: Ooh. OK, Hakeem.

HAKEEM PROFIT: We don't know who will be there for the entire season, and we don't know if certain players will stay healthy. So I'll say no.

MINTY BETS: Memphis Grizzlies, yes, plus 185, or no, minus 225. Hakeem.

HAKEEM PROFIT: I'm gonna go with-- oh, man, I hate to take so much juice, but, no, they don't make it. The West is too strong, and they don't have enough experience.


JARED QUAY: Them boys are some bulls. I'm telling you right now, the Grizzlies are going. Jaren Jackson, Ja, Valanciunas-- they just-- they have a solid roster from top to bottom. I think they go easily.

MINTY BETS: The New Orleans Pelicans, yes, minus 185, or no, plus 150? Jared Quay.

JARED QUAY: I'm gonna go no here. I think that the West is very difficult. I love Zion, but I think Jrue was one of the top players on that team. Without him, it's gonna hurt him. So I think draft picks in maybe the next few years, but not this year.

MINTY BETS: Oh. Hakeem?

HAKEEM PROFIT: I'm also saying no. I think the plus money on this one-- I don't like their roster this year. They don't have a lot of spacing, and I just don't see their offense having success.

MINTY BETS: Phoenix Suns. Jared, I know you are a big Phoenix Suns fan. Yes, minus 140, no, plus 115.

JARED QUAY: Absolutely, yes. I think they made the playoffs easier. That team is good. I'm telling you guys. If you watched them last year, they're coming in this year even stronger. Definitely going to the playoffs.

MINTY BETS: All right. Hakeem?

HAKEEM PROFIT: I say yes, they make it. Chris Paul will make life a lot easier for them, and a lot easier for Ayton, So, yes, they make it.

MINTY BETS: Last up, the Washington Wizards. How to pick them here? Yes, minus 110, no, minus 110. Hakeem, what do you think?

HAKEEM PROFIT: Negative. I know, on paper, it looks like they'll make it with Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal, but the team still doesn't play any defense. And if you don't play any defense, I don't have faith in you.


JARED QUAY: Yeah, they're gonna have to score 200 points a game to make it competitive. But they can. I think the East is not the most competitive, so I feel like there's a chance they could make it. And I like betting on Russell, 'cause you never know what's gonna happen. I'm going to get in.

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