The Machine-Washable Farmhouse Rugs Your Home Is Missing Are on MAJOR Sale This Weekend

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Photo credit: Courtesy of retailer
Photo credit: Courtesy of retailer

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Rug cleaning can be one of the most time-consuming (if you do it yourself) or expensive (if you send them to a professional cleaner) cleaning projects around the house. It's an interesting paradox: a beautiful rug is truly a piece of art, and the right rug can make or break a room—yet we stomp on them constantly, spill all over the fabric, and our pets often mistake the floor accessories for a bathroom. Whether you have messy kids and/or pets, are scarred after ruining an investment piece with a permanent stain, or just want to simplify your life, machine-washable rugs are a total game-changer.

If you're new to the hyper-functional home essential, Ruggable is the place to start. They have a plethora of options—from popular styles like farmhouse rugs and Moroccan rugs to shag rugs (yes—machine washable shag rugs are a thing!), and playful collaborations including Keith Haring rugs and Star Wars rugs. Plus, as rugs go, Ruggable is reasonably priced (that value is stretched further when you consider money-saving and convenient at-home laundering). On top of that, for this weekend only, from June 17 to June 20, Ruggable is having a 15% off sale on select rugs using the code FARMFLASH22. If you've been considering a new rug purchase but get sticker shock every time you shop, this is your chance to find the right piece without blowing your budget.

The rugs on clearance are from the brand's farmhouse collection, which was designed by Ruggable founder Jeneva Bell and are some of their all-time best sellers. Fans of the farmhouse aesthetic are sure to love these options, as Bell designed the rugs with her personal style in mind. "I’ve always loved the farmhouse style," said Bell. "So for this rug collection, the design team and I worked together to create an authentic vintage and distressed look—and I think we pulled it off!"

Ruggable rugs are an ingenious two-piece system: a grippy rug pad base layer and a machine washable rug cover. The rug pads and covers combos were created to adhere to one another, and the rug covers even have weighted silicone pockets in the corners to keep them from shifting. When you need to clean your rug, you simply roll up the rug cover, throw it in the wash, and place it back over the stationary rug pad when you're done. And if you're someone who loves to switch up your decor regularly, once you've purchased one Ruggable rug cover and rug pad system, you can start collecting additional rug covers and swap them out whenever one is ready for cleaning (they're so much lighter and easier to store and fold than a traditional rug). Go on, take advantage of the promotion below!

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