Machine makes delicious chocolate-dipped ice cream bars

What’s better than a yummy chocolate-dipped ice cream bar on a hot day?

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  • Chick-fil-A worker shares 'secret' desert order that only employees know about

    A Chick-fil-A worker is going viral after sharing a “secret” dessert item so obscure, you might have some trouble ordering it. The recipe comes courtesy of Antonella Nonone, a 22-year-old employee who lives in Florida. The dessert is a bit of a Frankenstein’s monster. It combines Chick-fil-A’s fruit cups, its milkshakes and its Icedream soft serve. It’s not something you’ll find on the menu, and, according to Nonone, it’s not even something every employee will make for you. It’s easy to see why the shake might be a little difficult to order. The recipe, as Nonone shows it, involves adding the chain’s shake mix to a fruit cup filled with berries. Then, she adds a generous layer of soft serve and blends it all together. The idea drew more than 300,000 views, plus plenty of praise in the comments. Many users seemed determined to get one. “I’m tempted to show this video to an employee and demand them to make it for me,” one user joked

  • Google Earth users find unusually shaped object off the coast of Antarctica

    On August 7, a YouTuber who goes by MrMBB333 shared a compilation of images that his fans had found on Google Earth. One fan, identified only as D. Whitaker, submitted coordinates to a location not too far from the world’s southernmost continent. Satellite images show what appears to be an “ice ship,” an iceberg that is shaped like a huge boat. “If we go to 3D format, you look down on it, it looks like the outline of a ship,” MrMBB333 says. “And this one here measures over 400 feet long — 428 feet to be exact. Whatever that is, that looks like a ship”. The yacht-shaped boat, which sits between Antarctica and New Zealand. has since led to a wave of comments from interested users

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