Machine Gun Kelly Appears to Have Officially Changed His Name

gq men of the year party 2023
Machine Gun Kelly Has Changed His NameGilbert Flores - Getty Images
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Looks like Machine Gun Kelly is going by a new name. MGK (aka Colson Baker) has seemingly asked fans and photographers to call him just "Machine," a change that comes after he spotted a sign at a show that read "change your name!!!"

When Machine said "I have no idea what that sign means," the fans who brought it explained "We want you to change your name. We want you to take out the 'Machine Gun' so we don't glorify machine guns. Just take out the 'Machine Gun.'"

In response, Machine asked his audience "what do you think?" and was greeted with loud cheers and chants of "change your name, change your name." Since then, he's posted THIS on Instagram, with the caption "🗣️ "machine"

And seemingly confirmed the name change on Twitter by posting this:

And he was seen at the GQ Men of the Year party asking photographers, "I have a question, instead of 'Machine Gun' can you just hit me with the 'Machine' from now on?'

As of now, Machine's Instagram account is still @machinegunkelly, but it's possible that could change. Either way, this has been an update!

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