M3GAN Is Returning for a Sequel

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M3GAN Is Returning for a SequelUniversal

The M3GAN cinematic universe is expanding: A sequel, titled M3GAN 2.0, is already in the works, and scheduled to premiere in 2025. The second film will once again follow the murderous doll.

Here's everything we know so far about the M3GAN sequel:

A sequel was in the works before M3GAN even premiered.

"After I first saw the movie, we had a good sense that a sequel might really work," producer Jason Blum told Variety. "So, we broke our cardinal rule and we started talking about a sequel before the movie was released. I felt so bullish that we started entertaining a sequel earlier than we usually do."

There are no plot details yet regarding the sequel.

Allison Williams will return.

Screenwriter Akela Cooper will write the sequel, and star Williams will also be part of M3GAN 2.0, as will Violet McGraw, who plays the doll.

For Williams, becoming a mom made her role as Gemma more powerful. As she told Town & Country in its February 2023 cover story, "I became a mom, and that made it all much more interesting, because that’s Gemma’s whole arc." Gemma has zero children at the start of the film. Then she has two, "one that she created from scratch and the other that she inherited, who, while sharing her DNA, is not her own. That was going to be complicated, but it also became more interesting as a performer to bring this person to life, having a greater appreciation of the stakes of that."

M3GAN 2.0 will premiere in 2025

The current premiere date is January 17, 2025.

We'll update this as soon as we learn more about the M3GAN sequel.

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