I’m a Picky Underwear-Shopper, but These Are the 8 Comfiest Styles I Own

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Including lacy Hanky Panky briefs and stretchy Hanes options.

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A bad habit I’ve finally broken is hoarding my tattered underwear. I’m talking stretched-out leg holes, too-tight waistbands, and holes in the lace. I would continue to wear them because of how frustrating it was to find comfortable, high-quality underwear that fit my lifestyle. But with my picky panty mindset over the years, I’ve finally curated a collection of underwear that checks all the boxes. I rounded up my eight top picks from Hanes, Hankey Panky, Intimissimi, LDMA, Skims, and more—and styles start at just $2 apiece.

Editor-Loved Underwear:

Fruit of the Loom 360 Stretch Underwear



Fruit of the Loom will always hold a special place in my heart as the first underwear I ever owned—plus, they check all my boxes. They’re affordable, always comfortable, and come in various cuts and colors. They’re coveted by so many for a reason, which is whyI picked up the 360 Stretch Underwear recently, and I can’t recommend them enough.

The underwear comes in bundles of six boxers, bikinis, hipsters, or briefs in cotton-blend or microfiber fabric options. They’re available in shades of pink, purple, black, and gray, and sizes range from 5 to 9 (which translate to sizes 4 to 18). They have an elastic waist and leg opening, and are made from a super soft and stretchy material that moves with the body.

Hanky Panky Signature Lace French Brief Underwear

<p>Hanky Panky </p>

Hanky Panky

Who said full-coverage underwear can’t be sexy? My go-to Signature Lace French Brief from Hanky Panky is one of the sexiest pairs in my collection. The lace briefs come in seven colors, including pink, purple, black, white, and beige, and sizes XS to XL. The fit sits high on the hip with a high leg cut, plus it’s made from a barely-there, all-over lace that’s super breathable and non-irritating to the skin. There’s also a 100 percent cotton lining at the crotch.

Yadifen Five-Pack Cotton Bikini Underwear



This might be TMI, but I only use black underwear during that time of the month. I've ruined too many of my Skims and Hanky Panky underwear and refuse to make that mistake again. That’s where Yadifen Five-Pack Cotton Bikini Underwear comes in; they’re just way more forgiving when leaks happen.

The all-black bikini-cut underwear comes in five or 10-packs, and sizes S to XXL. The cotton-spandex blend allows them to be super flexible, breathable, and super soft—plus, the double-crotch lining adds a layer of protection. There’s also a snug elastic at both the waist and leg openings that offers a secure but not tight fit.

LDMA Low-Hide Brief Underwear

<p>LDMA </p>


There’s nothing worse than having to push through a workout in sweaty, wedgie-prone underwear, which is why I’ve been reaching for LDMA’s Low-Hide Brief Underwear for my gym days. They come in seven colors, including black, gray, pink, and blue, and sizesXS to XL. The no-dig underwear is made from a moisture-wicking material to keep you dry. The high-cut design allows them to stay in place during workouts, along with a unique micro-ribbing texture that stretches with you. The underwear is also lightweight, breathable, and feels like a second skin; I often forget I have them on.

Shop more of my favorite underwear styles, below.

Hanes Six-Pack Bikini Panties



Intimissimi Cotton Panties



LDMA High Sculpt Brief



Skims Five-Pack Essential Panty

<p>Skims </p>


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