Lululemon's 'Like New' Section Has Tons of Cute Leggings and Bras Starting at $19

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Wearing a workout set that's both comfortable and stylish makes it so much easier to stay motivated while exercising. That's why we love lululemon's chic sports bras and buttery soft leggings. These stylish staples make you feel confident and comfy at the same time. You don't have to wait until the next We Made Too Much sale to score deals on lululemon apparel, either — the brand's 'Like New' section has tons of popular pieces starting at just $19.

If you've never heard of lululemon's 'Like New' program before, you're in for a treat. This secret section of the website allows you to shop gently used clothing at a fraction of the original price — as much as 50% off! Even lululemon's most popular styles like the best-selling Align leggings or the stylish Wunder Train longline bra can be found in a range of sizes and colors. We also found plenty of men's apparel available in the Like New section so everyone can discover their new favorite workout pieces. Ahead, we'll explain everything you need to know about lululemon Like New, including how it works, what to expect and some of our favorite finds worth shopping for right now.

What is lululemon Like New?

Lululemon Like New is the brand's official resale program. Designed to cut down on waste, Like New allows shoppers to rediscover lightly used clothing like jackets, leggings and sports bras or trade their own lululemon apparel for store credit upon meeting the qualifications (no damage, rips, pulling or discoloration). The brand then refreshes each item to "like new" standards and lists them on the website for other shoppers to enjoy. In other words, you can save on your favorite workout clothing, give your gently used pieces a new life and help reduce the amount of clothing that ends up in a landfill, all in one place.

How does lululemon Like New work?

Buying from the Like New program is simple: just shop for your favorite pieces directly from the Like New section and add your size to your cart. As you're browsing, you'll notice that different sizes and styles are marked as "gently used" or "good as new." These tags refer to the condition of the clothes and how much wear you can expect. According to the brand, "good as new" means there are no signs of damage to the item, while "gently used" indicates there might be small signs of wear such as faint discoloration. Gently used items are typically about $5 less than clothing in "good as new" condition.

Is lululemon Like New legit?

Yes! Like New is lululemon's official resale program that allows shoppers to trade in their current apparel and shop other lightly loved pieces. This makes it easier to score your favorite leggings, bike shorts, sports bras and more while keeping gently used clothes out of the landfill. Since lululemon gives every item in its Like New section a thorough refresh, you're guaranteed that each item meets strict quality standards. Everything comes with new tags and packaging, too. You'll also find that most prices on Like New items are even better than the We Made Too Much section, making it a great place to save when shopping for your next favorite workout set.

To help you get right to shopping, we've gathered up our favorite Like New items right now. Browse buttery soft leggings, strappy sports bras and comfy jackets while discovering great deals on Lululemon gear below.

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